2022’s Top 5 NFT Wallets

do MReadThe rise of non-fungible tokens NFT and how they’re expected to transform the market for collectors and artists has been discussed and written about extensively.

However in order to engage in this rapidly expanding market one must have an NFT software or wallet.

These days there are still a limited number of options available and not all of them provide the same functionalities.

 To assist readers understand the benefits and drawbacks of each this article evaluates the top NFTwallets and mobile applications.

But before you choose an NFT wallet there are a few features you should consider.

What qualities should an NFT wallet have?

a user-friendly interface

The last thing you need is an app that makes things even more challenging because the concept of NFTs is already challenging for novices.

 Therefore picking an application that is simple to set up and use is beneficial.

The business is still in its early stages so there isn’t a fully functional wallet that is beginner-friendly.

 However some of the few possibilities (particularly those on mobile) claim to be perfect for someone just starting out with an NFT collection.

Multiple Device Support

The majority of NFT Wallets applications can be downloaded as desktop mobile or browser extensions.

 Some like Metamask are excellent for anyone who wishes to manage their tokens.

 Devices because they are accessible on both platforms and can synchronise transactions in real-time.

Cross-Chain Cooperation

Ethereum is the largest blockchain for NFT users due to its popularity and sizable developer community.

 It follows that the majority of wallets support tokens based on Ethereum (ERC-721 standard).

However you need a wallet that offers cross-chain compatibility or at least supports the blockchain.

 Network you wish to use if you want to mint, buy and trade NFT on other networks too. i wish to be employed.

 Tezos Zilliqa the Binance Smart Chain and others are a few examples of alternative blockchains that support these tokens.

Top 5 Wallets to Begin Gathering NFTs

The greatest NFT wallet for artists and collectors is without a doubt Metamask which is run by Ethereum Foundation-supported ConsenSys.

Users can connect directly to decentralised applications (dApps) such as those that drive NFTs using this browser extension.

 which was its only previous form.The mobile version of Metamask however which provides a simpler interface for gathering.

 NFT tokens and engaging with other dApps was published by ConsenSys in 2020.

You may construct an Ethereum wallet using Metamask that connects directly to all Ethereum-based platforms for the purpose of creating and trading these tokens.


Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of cryptocurrency may set up Metamask quite easily.
Applications for mobile and web extensions both synchronise transactions.

Users are able to quickly create and swap between whatever number of ETH addresses they own.

The mobile version of Metamask has an integrated browser that can be used to explore both NFTs and DeFi applications.

Using the mobile app ERC-721 tokens can be sent directly from one address to another.

For direct swaps between Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens, Metamask provides native support.

Users can adjust gas fees to correspond with network activity thanks to improved and sophisticated fee customization.


Ethereum and other EVM-compatible blockchains are the main platforms that Metamask is compatible with.
Concerns have also been raised about data gathering networks receiving identifiable information from wallets.


For accumulating in-game NFTs and other collectibles Enjin is another awesome blockchain wallet.

 Enjin’s wallet features a marketplace for trading various digital assets using ENJ, the project’s native token, in addition to a choice for storing coins and tokens.

For accessing numerous Ethereum-based decentralised applications (dApp) such as those used for decentralised finance.

 Enjin provides a one-click browser (DeFi). The team is also working on an integration that would allow users to access a built-in blockchain wallet on Samsung S10 handsets.


The blockchain wallet from Enjin has one of the greatest user interfaces for NFT collection.
For trading in-game NFTs and other digital treasures the programme has a market area.
A built-in exchange feature allows users to quickly convert one cryptocurrency to another.
Unlike other wallet providers Enjin has a customer service desk.
Advanced security measures like biometrics and auto-lock are also included in the app.


There is just a mobile version of the Enjin wallet.
Only Ethereum-based NFTs and assets are supported by the app.

Number Wall

As “your entrée to the blockchain world,” Math Wallet bills itself as having the support of renowned incubators like Binance Labs and Alameda Research.

 For makers and collectors looking for a Metamask substitute it represents another fantastic choice.

Using Math Wallet, customers can manage their assets across 65 public blockchains with ease because to native integration and support for these networks.

 Additionally it is offered as a web wallet for many blockchain networks, a web browser plugin and a mobile app.


Support for many blockchains natively.
synchronisation and compatibility between platforms.

A one-click dApp store for NFT and DeFi Apps is available in MathWallet.
A cryptocurrency swap feature is available on the app.

A one-click dApp store for NFT and DeFi Apps is available in MathWallet.
A cryptocurrency swap feature is available on the app.


iOS users claim that dApp staking is problematic.

Still being actively developed is Math Wallet. As a result users can experience issues particularly on mobile versions.

Belief Wallet

Another well-liked mobile wallet choice for NFT collectors is Trust Wallet which has more than 5 million users.

Users may visit websites like OpenSea MyCrypto Heroes, Axie Infinity and other sites with only one click thanks to the app’s dApp list for art marketplaces.

 Although NFT transfers are not supported by Trust Wallet users can still store and manage their assets there.

Public chains including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Classic TomoCha ThunderToken GoChain and Calisto are natively integrated with Trust Wallet.


The interface of Trust Wallet is fairly user-friendly.

One-click access to NFT applications is provided by Trust Wallet.
More options are available thanks to support for several blockchains.
A built-in bitcoin exchange is a feature of Trust Wallet.
Additionally it can serve as a wallet for DeFi and cryptocurrencies.

The app is only accessible via a mobile device.

Due to its relationship with Finance Trust Wallet prioritises the promotion of Binance-based products above Ethereum, a close rival.

The open source blockchain wallet AlphaWallet, which exclusively supports Ethereum, has a feature for creating and gathering NFTs.

Applications like OpenSea CryptoKitties, Dragonarium ChainZ Arena etc. are directly supported. 

The programme is great for collectors because it works with all in-game Ethereum-based assets.

AlphaWallet is only available on mobile devices, but the website provides a wide range of open-source tools for programmers.

 artists and companies exploring different kinds of blockchain-based tokenization.


All games and coins built on the Ethereum platform are natively supported by AlphaWallet.
For exploring other dApps and DeFi applications.

 The programme comes with an integrated web3 browser.

The user-friendly interface is perfect for individuals who are just learning about Ethereum and NFTs.
Since AlphaWallet is still under active development, adding new features to meet community demand is simple.


Only Ethereum-based sidechains and applications are supported by AlphaWallet.
There is only a mobile version of the app (Android and iOS).

How to pick the ideal NFT wallet

Usually there are two things to consider while selecting the finest NFT software. If you’re a maker or a collector, first. The second is the equipment you have access to.

For Artists

Connecting frequently to marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, Makers Place, etc. is normal when producing NFT art.

Typically creators are required to upload their files and enable other features. Such activities are typically challenging.

 To carry out on mobile devices and require the usage of a desktop or computer equipment.

Because both wallets are available as browser extensions, authors are better suited choosing MetaMask or Math Wallet.

Collections for

On mobile wallets that facilitate the storage and transfer of these objects, you can easily carry out these transactions.

 Regardless of whether you’re just collecting NFTs from blockchain-based games or artists.


 The mobile versions of Enjin, Trust Wallet, AlphaWallet, and Metamask are all perfect for these kinds of transactions.

Obtaining an NFT wallet

The stated NFTwallets can be installed on compatible devices by using the link provided in this article to the official website.

The wallets listed above are self-custodial wallets, and at initial setup, they usually give you a backup seed phrase.

 If you ever lose access to your smartphone, you can restore your wallet and assets using the seed phrase.
It should be noted that you must buy Ethereum’s native token (ETH) through a broker or exchange and then transfer it to the wallet once it has been installed.

 You must purchase Finance currency (BNB) and transmit it to the wallet address in order to use other chains, such as Finance Smart Chain.
The amount purchased is used to cover transaction costs associated with minting or collecting NFTs.

How to safely store your crypto collectibles

Crypto collectibles may increase in value significantly in the future or trigger special memories for the collector.

 Consider the following advice to keep these digital assets secure:

From the official websites and app stores, only download NFTapps and wallets.
After the initial setup keep a backup of your seed phrase in a safe offline location and avoid entering it anywhere else.

To avoid falling for phishing websites, always bookmark NFT apps that you visit in your browser.

When closing down your computer, always remember to lock or sign out if you use a wallet that is available as a browser plugin.

Do not use public computers for engaging with NFTs. If you must, ensure to erase all your data before signing out.


Existing NFT apps could use a lot of changes as they are still far from becoming polished products in this relatively new market.

 However, a few of the current solutions have sophisticated features that might benefit both producers and collectors.

This article examined the top five NFTwallets and offered recommendations to help each group of NFT participants select the best one for their particular transactions.

 While the world waits to see how far the NFT business can develop, it also provides advice on how to keep your crypto-collectibles secure.


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