A Simple Method For Adding Rinkeby Network To Metamask

Rinkeby is one of the three main tenets utilized by Ethereum blockchain developers. 

It allows them to deploy and assess a version of a project on the Ethereum blockchain, mimicking a real-world environment.

In other words, Rinkeby is used to test projects on the Ethereum network.

Metamask is a free, open-source wallet that enables users to send, receive, stake, and trade across multiple blockchains. It is a highly-regarded non-custodial wallet in the crypto sphere, making it the go-to choice for many crypto aficionados.

The Rinkeby testnet is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible network that is a replica of the Ethereum blockchain.

This means that Metamask wallets can be quickly configured to access the network by following a few simple steps.

This guide will show you how to quickly and easily incorporate the Rinkeby network into your Metamask wallet, both on the Metamask browser extension and the Android/iOS mobile app.

How To Quickly Add The Rinkeby Testnet To Metamask

  • Open the Metamask extension or mobile app to unlock your account.
  • Select the network from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Show/Hide Test Networks at this point.
  • To display test networks, turn the button ON.
  • Return and select the network option box once more.
  • From the list of accessible networks, choose [Rinkeby Test Network].
  • To your Metamask wallet, transfer Rinkeby Testnet ETH.

The Rinkeby Network in Metamask: How to Add It (Step-By-Step Guide)

Every Metamask setup is pre-set up with the Rinkeby Test Network, however, it is hidden by default. 

To add the network to your Metamask wallet, simply display all the accessible test networks and pick “Rinkeby Test Network” from the choices.

This guide outlines how to quickly and easily add the Rinkby network to your Metamask wallet:

Step 1: To unlock the wallet, open Metamask and enter your account password.

If you haven’t already added Metamask to your browser, you can get a suitable version from the Metamask download page. If the extension has already been installed, then there is no need to install it again.

Once the extension is installed and configured properly, press the Metamask logo/icon in the browser’s extensions area to open the Metamask main window.

Enter your account password and then press [Unlock] to open your wallet.

Step 2: Select the network from the dropdown menu.

In the Metamask main window, click on the Network Dropdown Box to show a dialogue with all networks that are configured for your Metamask wallet.

Step 3: Click on “Show/hide test networks”.

Click the Network dialog to display all the networks accessible on your wallet, then click [Show/hide test networks].

Step 4: Turn on the button to display test networks.

Once you select [Show/hide], you will be taken to the Metamask settings page. On this page, you can find the “Show test networks” section, where you can switch the button to ON to display all the pre-configured test networks available in your wallet.

Step 5: Return to the main Metamask window and select the network option box once more.

Return to the main Metamask window, then select the Network Dropdown Box once more.

Step 6: Finally, choose [Rinkeby Test Network] to make it your wallet’s default network.

Scroll down and choose the [Rinkeby Test Network] option from the network dropdown list to add it to your wallet and make it the default selection.

You have successfully set up the Rinkby test network on your Metamask wallet in your browser.

Guide To Adding Rinkeby Network To The Metamask Mobile App (Android & iOS)

Making a connection between the Rinkeby network and Metamask wallet on Android or iOS via the Metamask mobile app is akin to the process of doing the same with the Metamask wallet browser extension.

On the Metamask mobile app, you can add the Rinkeby Test Network to your wallet.

Step 1: Open your wallet using the Metamask app.

Open the Metamask app on your mobile phone, enter your account password and unlock the application.

Depending on the device and its operating system, you may be able to access your wallet using one of the available biometric authentication methods, such as Face ID, Fingerprint, or Face Unlock (if activated in your Metamask account).

Step 2: Click [Wallet].

Tap the [Wallet] icon at the center of the top menu bar to view all the configured networks.

Step 3: In order to choose the network on your wallet, pick [Rinkeby Test Network].

Click the [Rinkeby Test Network] option on the pop-up window of the Networks to change your Metamask wallet to the Rinkeby Testnet.

When completed, you should choose and set the Rinkeby Testnet as your wallet’s default network. Metamask will inform you that your default network has changed via a pop-up window. Press [Got it] to close the window.

You have successfully connected your Metamask mobile wallet to the Rinkeby network.

How to Get ETH from Rinkeby Testnet Into Your Metamask Wallet

ETH tokens on the Rinkeby Testnet can be obtained with ease and since they do not have any real-world value, there is no requirement to buy them with conventional currency or exchange them for another cryptocurrency.

In order to obtain Rinkeby Testnet ETH in your Metamask wallet, you will require the use of the Rinkeby Faucet. 

Similar to other cryptocurrency faucets, the Rinkeby Faucet lets you generate cryptocurrencies (Testnet Ether in this case) by completing simple tasks.

To obtain ETH from the Rinkeby Faucet, you must first copy your Metamask wallet address and make a request.

One looking to receive funds from the Rinkeby Faucet must create a post on Twitter or Facebook with their wallet address included (the text in the post is not consequential).

Posting to Facebook: I’ve just opened up a Facebook account and I’m taking donations to my wallet address – [insert wallet address here]. #DonationsWelcome #WalletAddress

Copy the link to your Facebook post or Tweet, then input it into the Rinkeby Faucet input field, and click “Give me Ether”. Select the amount of Ether you wish to receive.

Check your Metamask wallet again and reload your RinkebyETH balance to confirm your funds are there.

Can Rinkeby ETH be transferred to Binance?

It is not possible to transfer ETH from the Rinkeby test network to Binance on the Ethereum mainnet, since Rinkeby is a simulated environment for Ethereum.

Rinkeby’s Ether tokens are only for testing purposes and have no real-world value, unlike the ETH token or WITH (Wrapped Ether), which are used on the Ethereum network.

It is simple to obtain ETH on Ethereum test networks such as Rinkeby; in fact, you can acquire thousands of test Ether tokens from the different Rinkeby Faucets obtainable online.

Rinkeby ETH, or Ether on any of the Ethereum test networks, is essential “dummy” Ether that cannot be transferred out of the testnet.

The conclusion

You have done it! By following the instructions in this guide, you have now added the Rinkeby test network to your Metamask wallet.

Since Rinkeby is a testing network for the Ethereum blockchain, it is capable of being connected to Metamask, since it is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Fortunately, Metamask’s browser extension and mobile app are already set up with the Rinkeby Testnet, so you don’t need to mess around with RPC endpoint information to get the network up and running on your wallet.

To use the [Rinkeby Test Network] on your wallet, simply reveal the test networks available and select it as the default. The same process applies to the Metamask mobile application.

We hope this guide was useful in helping you to set up Rinkeby on Metamask.


  1. What is the Rinkeby Network?

Answer: Rinkeby is a public Ethereum test network that allows developers to experiment with deploying and testing decentralized applications without risking real funds.

  1. How do I connect my MetaMask wallet to the Rinkeby Network?

Answer: You can connect your MetaMask wallet to the Rinkby network by clicking the “Main Ethereum Network” dropdown and selecting “Rinkby Test Network”.

  1. Is the Rinkeby Network secure?

Ans: Yes, the Rinkby network is a secure environment and uses the same security standards as the main Ethereum network.

  1. Can I use the Rinkeby Network to transfer real Ether?

Answer: No, the Rinkby Network is a test network and cannot be used to transfer real Ether.

  1. How do I get Ether for the Rinkby Network?

Answer: You can get Ether for the Rinkby Network through the official Rinkby Faucet.

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