Adidas Moves On to Phase 2 of “Into the Metaverse”

If the holders of “Into the Metaverse” NFT do not burn Phase 1 NFT, they will not be qualified for any Phase 2 benefits or utilities.

The physical goods can now be claimed by owners of Adidas’ “Into the Metaverse NFT,” allowing them to move on to Phase 2 of the ITM ecosystem.

The Phase 1 NFT is The Pass To Get The Merchandise.

Actually, the Into the Metaverse NFT collection sold out quickly after release, generating profits of $23 million.

Holders must burn the Phase 1 NFT in order to receive the physical merchandise. There will be an Ethereum gas fee, but there is no cost to claim the merchandise.

Authentic Adicolor Firebird tracksuit, graphic hoodie, and NFT influencer gmoney’s distinctive orange beanie are all part of the merchandise.

Up until May 11th, both the product claim window and the option to move on to Phase 2 will be available. This indicates that if gas prices are high right now, the holders have time to wait for them to drop.

With the exception of the beanie, holders can choose from a variety of sizes for each item they claim. For every ITM NFT they own, they must assert the entire set of products.

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The graphic hoodie and gmoney beanie will be shipped in May with the tracksuit being made to order and shipped in November.

The tracksuit will be made to order in November and shipped in May along with the aphic hoodie and gmoney beanie.

If ITM NFT holders do not burn their Phase 1 NFT and do not enter Phase 2, they will not be qualified for any Phase 2 benefits or utilities. Owners are still eligible to enter the phase that comes after Phase 2 with their Phase 1 NFT.

Owners of Into the Metaverse NFTs are not exempt from all the advantages that come with holding the NFT.

Adidas only recently disclosed 200 Alpha Passes as an exclusive giveaway to ITM members. The second season of Alpha on The SandBox is accessible to users with the Alpha Pass.


What is Adidas doing in the Metaverse? 

Adidas on Wednesday established a new product category for virtual gear as companies expand their use of virtual goods in. An effort to quicken the implementation of their “community-based, member-first, open metaverse strategy.”

Adidas has just unveiled its first collection of non-fungible token virtual wearables, along with the launch of the new product category.

What Function Does NFT Serve in The Metaverse?

NFTs are a component of the virtual property in the metaverse. These NFTs help construct land and structures in the metaverse and act as a contract of ownership. You must mint an NFT for the land in order to buy, sell, or build on it in the metaverse.

Has Adidas Created an NFT?

A small number of blockchain-based virtual wearables from Adidas Originals are now available for purchase at utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

What Stores Sell The Adidas NFT?

A secondary market on Opensea will sell items from the Virtual Gear collection for individuals who don’t already own the. Original Adidas Originals: Capsule NFT.

Adidas Debuted NFT When?

Following the success of Into the Metaverse, Adidas Original’s first NFT project, which debuted in December 2021 and produced 30,000. NFTs for over 21,000 buyers in partnership with money, PUNKS Comic, and Bored Ape Yacht Club, the Adidas for. The Prada re-source project is the next big step in the brand’s evolution.

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