An NFT marketplace powered by multiple chains: TofuNFT

For over a decade, TofuNFT has led the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market. 

User numbers have skyrocketed in recent months. NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded on this market. 

There are also several chains supporting GameFi and collectibles on the marketplace.

Binance Smart Chain and Polygon have become the most popular multichain NFT marketplaces for trading collectibles and GameFi NFTs. 

The Fuse network was then added at the beginning of the year. 

A number of different blockchains can be used for this NFT marketplace to trade unique NFTs. 

A multichain NFT collection such as Gh0stly Gh0st was formed as a result.

Features of TofuNFT

It operated with features that were a combination of DeFi and NFT marketplaces, previously known as the SCV NFT marketplace. 

With the brand name change to TofuNFT, it now exclusively focuses on NFTs. A beta version was launched in September 2021, and the full product was launched in November. 

The fixed price and auction fragments offer gas-free listings.

Furthermore, creators and collectors can upload NFTs with multiple currency price tags.

Is TofuNFT the Future of NFT Marketplaces?

Compared with other old-school NFT marketplaces, Tofu offers numerous features. 

As Layer-2 and Layer-0 protocols become more reliable, the platform is poised to become the premier NFT marketplace. 

A total of $3 million has been traded across all 20 blockchains supported by the DApp during the past 30 days. 

This number may seem modest in comparison to OpenSea’s $959 million 30-day volume, but as blockchain technology becomes more interconnected and interoperable, this may begin to change.

Final Thoughts

There is something pioneering about TofuNFT. It has resulted in the emergence of a new breed of NFTs. As many as 20 blockchains can be accessed by multichain NFTs. 

Metaverse gaming and play-2-earn have a great deal to gain from this. A NFT could be used in 100 different games across multiple blockchains, and in 20 different metaverses. Imagination is the only limit.

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