The Bitcoin Rainbow Chart: What Does It Mean?

The rise of Bitcoin in the past decade has left many intrigued by its potential and still much more confused. Its recent price volatility has only further complicated matters, leaving some to wonder what all these charts mean. 

One such chart is the Bitcoin Rainbow Chart which aims to track the current state of Bitcoin.

In this article, we will discuss what this chart is and what it can tell us about the cryptocurrency market. What Is the Bitcoin Rainbow Chart?

The Bitcoin rainbow chart is a visual representation of Bitcoin’s current price action. It plots the trading price of BTC in relation to its market capitalization over time

What Is The Rainbow Chart Indicator For Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Rainbow Chart

A tool for long-term Bitcoin value is the Rainbow Chart. It makes a projection about the likely future direction of Bitcoin’s price using a logarithmic growth curve.

The logarithmic growth curve channel is overlaid with rainbow colour bands in an effort to show the market mood at each rainbow colour stage when the price passes through it. Hence, emphasising prospective purchasing or selling possibilities

The Rainbow chart is not intended to be investment advice, like all the other charts on this website. Only amusement and educational reasons are served by it. Past performance fitting the rainbow channel is not a guarantee that it will repeat itself in the future.

The price of bitcoin has so far been contained inside the logarithmic growth channel’s rainbow colour bands.

Understanding The Rainbow Chart

Bitcoin is currently a relatively new asset class, thus its price fluctuations are rather unpredictable. Although Bitcoin is being used on a large scale, as evidenced by the general upward price movement, it does go through market cycles.

The price of Bitcoin can rise parabolically and fall fast during certain market cycles. Investors need to be mindful of the very high daily volatility it exhibits as well.

The BTC rainbow chart shows where the price of BTC stands in those cycles and offers insight into an investment tack.

This chart and accompanying legend labels are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute investment advice, as was stated earlier in the article.

When the market is most likely overheated, the warmer upper hues of the rainbow chart indicate this. Such times have typically been advantageous for the strategic investor to start realising gains.

The general market sentiment is often negative when the price falls down near the colder colours, and many investors lose interest in Bitcoin.

The Rainbow chart shows that these times are frequently ideal for a strategic investor to increase their Bitcoin holdings.

This page will always offer free access to this Rainbow chart, which is updated every 24 hours with the most recently daily close price in real-time.

Continue Your Fall Into The Rabbit Hole

Bitcoin Talk member trolololo produced the first illustration of a logarithmic regression curve for the digital currency. This original graph illustrates how the price of Bitcoin can change over time using log growth regression analysis:

If you want to examine the original conversations and idea-sharing surrounding the Bitcoin logarithmic growth channel that first occurred back in 2014 when the price of 1 Bitcoin was only $385, you can visit this link.


The Bitcoin Rainbow Chart is a popular visual tool used to analyze the cryptocurrency industry. The chart provides insight into the trends, opportunities, and challenges of the emerging digital asset class.

But what does it all mean? This article takes a closer look at the interpretation of this increasingly important market analysis tool.

At its core, the Bitcoin Rainbow Chart provides an overview of the various layers that make up Bitcoin’s network infrastructure.

By understanding these layers, investors can gain insight into how transactions are processed and where different fees are charged in order to facilitate these transactions. 

Additionally, by examining each layer of the chart separately, investors can also identify potential weaknesses or areas for improvement within Bitcoin’s network infrastructure.

Moreover, by analyzing different colours on the chart itself, investors can gain insight into which organizations and entities are actively contributing to or investing in cryptocurrency-related initiatives and projects. 


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