BNB KuCoin To MetaMask: How to Transfer

Copy the MetaMask address first before transferring BNB KuCoin to MetaMask.

In KuCoin, click on “Withdraw”.

Enter the amount of BNB after pasting the MetaMask address.

After that, verify the transaction via the security verification process.

We estimate that it will take 2 to 10 minutes to process a KuCoin withdrawal. A maximum of 30 minutes may be required in the worst case scenario.

It completely depends on the blockchain how long it takes the asset to appear on your account.

KuCoin has a 0.01 BNB minimum withdrawal limit.

There will be a 0.01 BNB withdrawal fee if Binance Coin (BNB) is transferred from BNB KuCoin to MetaMask.

How to transfer BNB KuCoin to MetaMask

1. In MetaMask, copy the BNB deposit address

Click on the MetaMask extension.

To unlock the document, enter the password.

Take advantage of Binance Smart Chain (BSC). If you haven’t already added BSC to MetaMask, do so now.

Just above the BNB balance, click on the “copy icon”.

2. Visit KuCoin and log in

To access your KuCoin account, go to the KuCoin website.

Your email address or mobile number can be used to log in.

3. To withdraw, click “Withdraw”

You can access a variety of options after logging into your KuCoin account, including Overview, Main, Trading, Futures, Margin, Finance, Deposit, Withdraw, and My Bonus.

Select “Withdraw ”.

In the top right corner, click on the “Wallet icon” if you cannot see the Withdraw option. Select “Overview” from the menu.

Withdrawal and Deposit options will now be available.

It’s mandatory to set the Trading Password if you’re withdrawing for the first time. KuCoin’s security features are great, so we recommend you enable them all.

4. You will need to enter the amount of your deposit and the BNB deposit address

The Withdraw Crypto window will appear after clicking Withdraw.

Choosing the coin should be “BNB ”.

After copying the BNB deposit address, paste it into the BNB deposit address box.

Then choose “BSC BNB Smart Chain ”.

Once you have entered the amount, you can send it. Use the “All” button if you want to send all BNB.

On the Remarks field, type any notes you have regarding this transfer. Leave it empty if you don’t want to fill it.

Finally, click “Withdraw ”.

5. Verification of all security aspects

Click Withdraw and you’ll see a Tamperproofing Confirmation.

Using this method, external software tampering can be prevented.

A Tamper-Proofing Confirmation screen that shows the withdrawal amount, address, and withdrawal safety phrase is available if you have enabled the phrase.

The withdrawal amount and address will be the only information you will see otherwise.

You can now confirm withdrawal by clicking on “Confirm Withdrawal ”.

You must enter your Trading Password, email verification code, and the 2FA code that may be found on your Google Authenticator application after clicking on “Confirm Withdrawal.”

If you prefer SMS verification over email, you can do so.

Once you have done so, click “Submit ”.

BNB KuCoin can be withdrawn to MetaMask by following the steps below.

6. Look at your MetaMask and recent withdrawals

Your Recent Withdrawals section now shows the status of your transactions.

If you want to know what KuCoin has recently withdrawn, you need to click on “Withdraw”. You may be able to see the Withdraw option by clicking the wallet icon located at the top right corner of the webpage if you are unable to see the Withdraw option. Select “Overview ”.

The recent transaction history for a crypto can be viewed after clicking Withdraw.

Click on the particular crypto you’re interested in to view its recent withdrawals.

The recent transfer can also be viewed under the Activity tab in your MetaMask wallet.

The BNB was received on MetaMask within three minutes.

A step-by-step guide for transferring Bitcoins from KuCoin to MetaMask Mobile Application 

1. Using MetaMask, copy the address of the BNB deposit

You will need to open the mobile application.

Take advantage of Binance Smart Chain (BSC). MetaMask should be updated to include BSC if you have not already done so.

The address will be copied when you tap on it.

A MetaMask wallet extension can be opened if you prefer scanning QR codes rather than copying addresses.

Next, click on “three dots”. Select “Account Details” from the menu.

2. In the KuCoin application, tap “Withdraw”

Install the KuCoin app on your mobile device.

There are several options available on the mobile device, including Home, Markets, Trade, Futures, and Assets.

Select “Assets”.

Select “Withdraw” from the menu.

3. Search for BNBs

Tap Assets and two tabs will appear: Crypto and Fiat.

If you are on “Crypto”, you will be by default.

Find BNB by searching.

Tap on BNB when you find it.

4. You will need to enter the amount of your deposit and the BNB deposit address

The Withdraw Crypto page will appear after you tap on BNB.

The copied address needs to be pasted here.

Click “BSC BNB Smart Chain” in the Network drop-down menu.

Put the amount of the withdrawal in BNB. In order to transfer all BNB to KuCoin, click the Max button.

Finally, click “Withdraw”.

5. Verification of all security aspects

Withdrawal prompts you to confirm tamper-proofing.

Keeping external software tamper-proof is important.

The Tamper-Proofing Confirmation window will display the withdraw safety phrase along with the amount and address of your withdrawal.

Unless you do that, you’ll just see the withdrawal amount and address.

On the withdrawal confirmation page, tap “Confirm Withdrawal”.

Following this, you will be prompted to enter your Trading Password, email verification code, and two-factor authentication code, which is located within your Google Authenticator application.

Alternatively, SMS verification may be used instead of email verification.

Click on the “Submit” button.

The following steps explain how to withdraw Bitcoin BNB from the KuCoin mobile application to the MetaMask mobile application.

6. View recent withdrawals

The KuCoin application allows you to check recent withdrawals by tapping on “Assets”.

Select “Withdraw” from the menu.

You can view recent transactions for a crypto by selecting it.

In your mobile device’s top right corner, tap on the “document-like icon”.

On the Activity tab of MetaMask, you can also see the recent transfers.

Our MetaMask mobile application received BNB in 3 minutes.

Final Thoughts 

The deposit address and trading password are all you need to send BNB KuCoin to MetaMask.

Since the Trading Password and security verification check must be set, transferring BNB KuCoin to MetaMask is not an easy task.

In spite of that, this guide is intended to simplify the withdrawal process.

Always make sure the sender and receiver select the same network. Your crypto will be lost otherwise.

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