Brenda Gentry is using cryptocurrency to introduce generational wealth.

As of October 2021, Brenda Gentry has departed from her tenure of over a decade at USAA as a mortgage underwriter. 

She has now shifted her focus to solely invest in bitcoin. Leaving conventional banking behind. 

Brenda Gentry is now the CEO of, a Web3 Sports betting platform. And Gentry Media, a marketing firm that her daughters Cynthia and Imani are also running.

The 2020 Covid-19 lockdown presented Brenda with the opportunity to start investing in cryptocurrency, which she subsequently dedicated her full attention to and eventually left her 9–5 job for.

Starting small. She invested more.

In 2021, Brenda made an astounding revelation: her portfolio had greater returns than her 401(k) – a feat that would have taken her 11 years to achieve. But she accomplished it in only six months.

Despite the risks associated with cryptocurrency, Brenda Gentry is confident in her success due to her financial background. She believes that doing thorough research before investing is an essential step to take when exercising caution.

She resides in San Antonio and considers cryptocurrency a way to gain and share the intergenerational wealth. Her enthusiasm for the “significant opportunities that bitcoin offers as a fairground for the unbanked and under-banked” is shared by her family.

Finance and banking experience 16 years

Mentally, she was finished with daily financial matters. Still, it took one year for her to resign from her job. 

The main reason was she desired something more thrilling, and it came in the form of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). She had also commenced a media company and was accepting marketing and counseling roles in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and DeFi areas.


Initially, the change was difficult because she was so fond of the job and the strong bonds she had formed over the years. It felt like she was leaving behind a significant period in her life. 

However, the shift became easier when she looked forward to being a part of the exciting new technology and asset class with the potential to create fortunes for generations.

Brenda Gentry is widely recognized online as the “Crypto Mom”. She continues to invest in digital assets and is in charge of her own brands, which she manages together with her daughters Cynthia (24) and Imani Gentry (20).

According to Brenda, she became the “crypto mom” by saying

My daughters got me involved in cryptocurrency and to start with, I thought…perhaps I should follow the crowd and just fit in. Then I realized, No, I’m a proud mom and I’m not going to hide it!

Brenda is thankful to have her two daughters, Cynthia and Imani, with her at Gentry Media Productions. This enabled her to spend more quality time with her girls than before when she was working a 9-5 job at the bank.

Brenda’s greatest success in the crypto world aside from her family is her taking charge of,

where she is creating an incredible combination of sports prediction pools using Web3 and some elements of Web2. Also, Brenda has provided her insights on Non-Fungible tokens (NFT) projects like BossBeauties, WomenAndWeapons, and TheRoyalsNFT.

Lessons learned from losses

She is not without her own.

Entrusting others to host my mining operation was a mistake, as I discovered they had been deceiving me. It was a loss for me. You can only incur an actual loss with cryptocurrencies when you choose to sell.

When asked about what she would alter in the blockchain ecosystem, Brenda stated that since it is still in its initial stage, one must be aware of fraudsters and rug pulls. 

She likened it to being in the “wild wild west” and emphasized the need for people to be educated about scams since it is an important issue.

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