The Metaverse Land Purchase Process


There are more than 400 million monthly active users on the metaverse, according to some estimates. Growing business and individual interest in this virtual world have led to the creation, sale, and acquisition of land for exciting professional and recreational uses. Have you considered investing in some metaverse real estate? Since, why not? Let’s go … Read more

Irene Zhao’s SO-COL Raises Money at a $100 Million Valuation

Irene Zhao's SO COL

According to Zhao, the IreneDao project serves as a proof of concept for Irene Zhao’s SO-COL Platform Influencer Irene Zhao co-founded the firm SO-COL, which is currently raising further capital in a private round led by Blockchain Capital. According to the sources familiar with the situation, Zhao’s SO-COL plans to “supercharge” influencer output with NFTs … Read more

Forecast for UpStart Stock from 2022 to 2030: Expert Analysis

UpStart Stock

The Upstart stock forecast for 2022 and the following years will be covered in this article. A well-known platform’s upstart stock is a financial asset that aids in offering loans and credit facilities while using different criteria to assess a borrower’s creditworthiness or eligibility. Upstart Stock: What is it? Upstart, a company that is quickly … Read more