Lazy Lions NFT Collection: All the Information You Need

Lazy Lions NFT

August 7th, 2021 saw the release of the Lazy Lions NFT. It’s true that NFTs are popular right now, in vogue, and available everywhere. CryptoPunks set the trend for NFT collections, which have gained immense fame.  The collection, which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain, is offered on OpenSea Marketplace. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a hot topic … Read more

QuickNode Acquires Icy Tools and Extends NFT API


QuickNode Acquires Icy Tools and Extends NFT API QuickNode a top NFT infrastructure and analytics provider purchased Icy Tools to increase its API compatibility for several blockchains. Icy Tools will. e acquired by QuickNode in an. Undisclosed transaction the company stated. In order to supply its NFT API customers with more goods the top blockchain … Read more

The 5 reasons why 0n1 Force NFTs are tanking

0n1 Force

There was once a high level of excitement and promise surrounding 0N1 Force. The project’s community lost faith in the project after unwise decisions were made. 0N1 Force: What is it? This is an initial project aimed at developing cross-platform IP for smartphones. This project aims to create a narrative-gaming community and enable co-creation of … Read more

Goblin Town NFT Collection: WTF

Goblin Town NFT

NFT devotees are currently gushing over the Goblin Town NFT collection. If you don’t know what Goblin Town is or why Goblin lore is circling the cryptocurrency Twitter like a vulture, you are seriously missing out!  To pique your interest, we must inform you that in terms of trading volume and sales over the past … Read more