NFT Floor Price Guide

NFT Floor Price

If you’ve only recently begun looking into the NFT space, you’ve probably heard that you should research the NFT Floor Price. Even though the floor price is straightforward to comprehend, it can be difficult to know how to maneuver around it when it changes. Before we get started, let me briefly explain that the NFT … Read more

Beware! Here’s The latest NFT OpenSea Scam

OpenSea Scam

NFT scams are evolving and it’s important to be aware of the different types of scams that are present in the market, even on reputable marketplaces like OpenSea. One of the latest types of NFT scams on marketplaces involves the use of “mysterious” NFTs that show up in your wallet without you having purchased them. … Read more

Is It Possible To Copy An NFT?


You should be aware that when you buy NFT, you are actually buying a digital token that includes digital media material rather than the actual content. As a result, the NFT’s value will have less to do with the media’s content and more to do with the token itself. The rights to that media content … Read more

Why is Alpha a word? (NFT Terminology)


The word “alpha” is often used in the theoretical world of NFTs. The term “alpha’s” in the field of NFT refers to information that might be exploited for a beneficial or profitable purpose. Since the information is not commonly known, the word “alpha” bears the implication that it is “intellectual.” The word “alpha” was taken … Read more

Decoding Pak’s Merge NFT Project Smart Contract

NFT Project

Pak, a well-known but anonymous digital artist, has paradoxically never ceased to astound his fans and collectors by creating mind-blowing NFT Project masterpieces.  His efforts to master dynamic NFTs, whose mechanisms are as intricate as his identity, have spanned projects like The Fungible and Merge NFT. There is always something to understand later on, even … Read more

How Much Are NFTs?


NFTs have recently sparked a significant storm in the world of technology and finance. As buyers have been observed paying over $69 million for a single NFT at auction houses. This figure may have made your jaw drop if you re trying to purchase NFTs for your collection Or perhaps. you Re looking to do … Read more

Why Do People Hate NFTs? Explained: The Controversial Technology!

why do people hate nfts

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have become a popular topic of discussion in recent times. These new forms of digital art have caused a sensation in both the technology and art industries, and have changed the way many artists generate revenue from their creations. However, like any new and revolutionary technology, NFTs have also garnered significant … Read more