DEXtools: What Are They? The Ultimate Guide

Checking prices is easy with websites such as Coingecko. The evaluation of token prices requires more tools for experienced and active traders. The purpose of DEXtools is exactly that.

Traders can navigate decentralized networks with the help of DEXtools, a price data analytics tool. 

The platform keeps track of the live price of tokens, one of its most important features. Let’s dive into Dextools basics now.

DEXtools: what are its features?

Trading tokens is easier with DEXtools. In addition to displaying ranking data, the platform also allows the community to rank tokens. “Community Ranking” can be found on the website. 

Additionally, it provides real-time prices and displays comprehensive tokenomics, including volume and liquidity.

The transaction portion of DEXtools, which displays all transactions along with their size, time, address, and price for a particular token, is one of the most sophisticated tools available.

Trading timing can be evaluated by a good trader based on this information.

DEXtools: How Can I Use IT

A “launch app” button will be visible when you visit access the homepage of the DEXtools app, click that icon. Below you can see how it looks.

On the left side of the page, you can see Uniswap Tools and Sushi Tools. DEXtools analyzes these two Ethereum DEXs. Future developments will include the integration of other Ethereum DEXs with DEXtools. Aside from Binance Smart Chain, DEXtools now offers services for Polygon mainnet as well.

Price accuracy

Most websites that maintain a list of token prices have the drawback of having prices that are several minutes behind the live price.. DEXtools’ accuracy is almost perfect.

To ensure the price is right, you should check this website before purchasing.As the price of some tokens swings a lot, having this function might help you save a lot of money and increase your trading confidence.

Tokens in Trend

Coins that are trending can be found in the middle section of DEXtools. This area can be helpful if you want to catch the next big thing or just want to see where the money is going right now.

Tokenomics and charts

The name of the token or the contract address can be entered into the search bar of the DEX you’re using if you need to find charts and tokenomics for a specific token. 

There are many fake and fraudulent coins and tokens around, so make sure you use the correct name and address.

Token Floki Inu chart can be found here.

In addition to the total liquidity, DEXtools’ rating, and the amount of token holders, this page will provide useful information about your token. 

The candlestick chart and price movement of your token are displayed on the right side of this section. Analyzing patterns and adjusting time frames is possible with this tool.

Overview of transactions

More information about the buy and sell orders, including wallet addresses and the amount of the token bought or sold, may be seen by scrolling down from the chart.

Detailed transaction information can be found below, including quantity and price (see below).

DEXtools displays these transactions in real time in real time on the blockchain. It’s possible to use this tool to see whether whales are buying or selling and the size and amount of buy orders coming in. Your own transactions are also available here.


Trading on decentralized exchanges requires knowledge of DEXtools. Checking a token’s real-time price before purchasing is always a good idea. It is also possible to make better gains by knowing how to use the platform.

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Financial advice is not provided in this article. Buying cryptocurrency should only be done after thorough research.

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