How to Modify Metamask’s Password (4 Quick Steps)

sIf you have already set up Metamask on your device, you will need the account password to access your Metamask wallet. If you are using Metamask for the first time, the secret recovery phrase is required.

In comparison to centralized exchanges like Binance and Coinbase which require a registered email and password to log in and access funds, Metamask only requires a single password (stored locally on your computer). 

This means that there is no way to reset the password with an email, as Metamask does not ask for your email address in the first place.

To alter your passwords on Metamesk, you must have access to your recovery phrase or be already logged in to the wallet. 

This article outlines the necessary steps to make the required modifications to your Metamask passwords.

How To Quickly Reset Your Metamask Password

  1. Click [import using Recovery Phrase] on the Metamask login page.
  2. Enter the wallet’s recovery phrase.
  3. After that, type in your new password twice.
  4. Reset your Metamask password by clicking [Restore].

How To Change Password On Metamask (Step By Step)

If you’re logged in to Metamask, you can alter your account password in the Metamask Settings page.

Alternatively, you can also recover your account with the secret recovery phrase of your wallet.

Method 1 – Reimport your wallet into Metamask to change the password.

Save your secret recovery phrase in a secure location and you will be able to reset your Metamask password by re-importing the wallet into Metamask utilizing the recovery phrase.

Step 1: Open Metamask, then select [import with Secret Recovery Phrase].

Activate the Metamask extension by clicking the Metamask icon in your browser extension list or application menu/center on the Metamask mobile app.

Note: To reset your wallet on Metamask mobile app, you must first log out. On the login page, tap ‘Reset Wallet’ and select ‘I understand, continue’ to complete the process.

Click on the [Import using Secret Recovery Phrase] option to restore your wallet to Metamask by entering the secret phrase.

Step 2: Add or paste your recovery phrase.

Enter your Secret Recovery Phrase into the designated box. If you have the phrase stored on your computer, you can copy and paste it into the field.

Step 3:Enter your new password twice, then click [Restore].

In the “New password” field, type your desired password and then again in the “Confirm password” section.

Click on the ‘Restore’ button to bring your wallet back into Metamask.

Step 4: Create a wallet.

Once you have reinstalled your wallet, you should note that the tokens on your balance may no longer be there, but this isn’t due to any loss of funds; Metamask simply doesn’t show them by default.

To restore tokens to your Metamask wallet, you’ll need to add them manually. View a good tutorial on how to incorporate custom tokens into Metamask here.

Additionally, if you can’t locate your BNB or other BSC tokens, you will have to reconnect the Binance Smart Chain to your Metamask wallet. An instructional guide on how to incorporate the BSC mainnet into Metamask can be found here.

If you had other accounts saved in your Metamask wallet before you re-entered your seed phrase, you need to re-enter their private keys manually to be able to access them again. 

By doing this, you have changed the password of your Metamask account successfully.

Method 2 – In Metamask settings, modify the password.

If you have the credentials to your Metamask wallet, you can reset the password on the Metamask settings page.

This approach can be employed on the Metamask mobile app, although it is not always an option in the Metamask browser extension. 

To alter your Metamask password by this method, you need to know your current account password.

To alter your Metamask account password on the settings page, adhere to the following steps.

Step 1: Start Metamask and select [Settings].

Open the Metamask application, swipe to the right, and press [Settings] to access its settings page.

Click the account icon and select [Settings] from the popup menu in the Metamask browser extension.

step 2: Choosing [Security & Privacy].

Go to the Metamask settings page and select the ‘Security & Privacy’ option.

Step 3: At the bottom, click [Change password].

Please scroll down and press on the [Change Password] option when it appears on the screen to modify your Metamask password.

Step 4: Tap [CONFIRM] after entering your current account password.

To confirm that the user changing the account password is authentic, Metamask will request the current password to be entered. Enter the password and press [CONFIRM].

Step 5 Enter a new password twice, then click [Reset password].

After confirming your identity, type a fresh password into the “New password” field and repeat it in the “Confirm password” box, then press the [Reset password] button to change your Metamask password.

You have now completed the process of logging into your Metamask wallet with the new password you set.

What Happens If I Forget My Seed Phrase And Metamask Password?

If you have forgotten both the Metamask passwords and the account seed/recovery phrase, you can no longer access your wallet. Therefore, it is not possible to reset the password of the account.

The best solution to this problem is to locate your seed phrase or your Metamask vault information. If you still have Metamask installed on your computer/mobile device, this should be relatively straightforward.

The Metamask support team has a detailed guide on how to locate your vault information; it can be found here.

If you have the Metamask mobile app and have biometric authentication (such as FaceID, fingerprint, or face unlock), 

You can conveniently access your wallet and then move the funds stored there to a wallet where you have complete control.

What Are Metamask’s Password Requirements?

Metamask does not have any particular requirements for passwords, however, they suggest that they should be at least 8 characters long.

The application will indicate whether it considers the password you are entering to be “Good” or “Weak” as you type it.

We suggest employing a password that is easy to recall, since resetting it is not as uncomplicated as with exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, where you can obtain a one-time link to alter your password in your email.

The conclusion

If you are logged into Metamask, it is easy to change your password; however, if you are unable to access your account, do not stress, since you can recover your passwords by reimporting the wallet into Metamesk with its secret recovery phrase.

If you lack both the password and the backup phrase of the wallet, matters will become perplexing.

When your wallet has lost both its recovery phrase and private key, unfortunately, there is not much that can be done. Metamask suggests attempting to retrieve the recovery phrase from the wallet’s vault data if this is accessible.

Using the Metamask decryptor tool, you can decrypt the vault data and get your recovery phrase. After doing this, you can then import the phrase into Metamask and create a new password.

If you arrived here searching for ways to reset or modify your Metamask passwords, we trust this article has been of use to you.


  1. What is a Metamask password?

A Metamask password is a secure, encrypted string of characters used to protect your Metamask account from unauthorized access.

2. How do I set up a Metamask password?

Metamask allows you to set up a secure password for your account. To do this, please log in to your Metamask account and select the “Security” tab.

3. How do I select a secure password for my Metamask account?

For maximum security, selecting a strong password with a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters is recommended.

4. How often should I change my Metamask password?

It is recommended that you change your Metamask password on a regular basis, such as every three months.

5. What should I do if I forget my Metamask passwords?

If you have forgotten your Metamask passwords, you can reset it by following the instructions provided in the account recovery process.

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