How to Send DAI To MetaMask Through Binance

How to Send DAI To MetaMask  Through Binance , you must first import the DAI token into your MetaMask account.

In order to withdraw money from Binance, you must copy the MetaMask address and paste it into the Withdrawal window.

Your DAI amount is entered here.

Verify your information. It’s that simple.

Depending on the purpose for which you intend to use DAI, you can also send it via Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks.

You cannot use DAI in the Ethereum ecosystem if it is sent via BSC.

How to Send DAI To MetaMask  Through Binance Step By Step Guide

1. MetaMask should be installed

When MetaMask has already been installed, you can skip this step.

MetaMask wallet extension must first be downloaded.

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave browser extensions support MetaMask.

Once you’ve downloaded the software, you’ll need to create an account.

Passwords and recovery phrases are created as part of the account setup process.

For more information, see this manual: How to Create and Set Up MetaMask Wallet.

2. DAI token import into MetaMask

A DAI token is required in order to view and receive DAI in MetaMask.

DAI’s contract address must be copied and pasted into MetaMask to add it.

Tokens can be added instantly to MetaMask from an inbuilt list.

Click Import Tokens in your MetaMask to do this.

Remember: Your Ethereum mainnet account must be active.

In the Search tab, click Import Tokens.

The search box should be filled in with DAI.

You will be able to buy a DAI stable coin.

Click Next after clicking it.

You can then import tokens by clicking Import Tokens.

That’s all there is to it. MetaMask now supports DAI tokens.

3. MetaMask address: copy it

The MetaMask address must be copied after you add the DAI token to MetaMask.

ETH balance can be accessed by clicking just above.

4. In Binance, choose DAI

Visit the Binance website and log in.

There is a wallet icon in the upper right corner of the page.

By clicking Wallet, you will be able to access Fiat and Spot.

Your crypto assets will now be visible.

The list should contain DAI. Search for it using the search box.

To withdraw, click Withdraw after finding DAI.

Funding Wallet will display DAI that you bought via P2P Trade.

DAI needs to be transferred to Fiat and Spot wallets to be sent to MetaMask or another recipient’s address.

Using Funding’s wallet, you can transfer DAI to Spot and Fiat wallets.

On the right side of DAI, click the three dots.

Once you have clicked Transfer, the process will begin.

The From field should include Funding, and the To field should include Fiat and Spot currencies.

Select how much DAI you wish to transfer.

Confirmation is the last step.

Follow this step again.

5. Enter the Amount and MetaMask Address

The Withdrawal window will appear after you click Withdraw.

The MetaMask address that you copied and must be pasted there.

You need to select ETH Ethereum (ERC20).

Your DAI amount will be entered here.

Click Withdrawal at the end.

Note:The minimum amount of DAI you should send is 30.

You will be prompted to confirm your withdrawal after clicking Withdraw.

Click Continue after checking the address and the network.

6. Verification must be completed

An authentication page will appear after clicking Continue.

Proceed by entering the OTP you received via email and mobile phone.

Your Withdrawal Request has been submitted just after you complete the security confirmation.

Finish by clicking the button.

7. See what withdrawals have been made recently

The section Recent Withdrawals is now available.

The Recent Withdrawal Section is found at the bottom of the Withdrawal window.

8. MetaMask: Check it out

Our MetaMask wallet received DAI in 7 minutes.

You can check your balance by opening the MetaMask wallet extension after a few minutes.

How to Send DAI To MetaMask Through Binance Mobile Application to MetaMask Application

1.MetaMask should be installed

The MetaMask mobile app can be downloaded without this step.

MetaMask must first be downloaded.

Mobile applications for Android and iOS are available for MetaMask.

A password and a recovery phrase need to be created and stored once the download and installation have been completed.

To set up your MetaMask wallet, follow this step-by-step guide.

The recovery phrase can be used to import your MetaMask account if you already have one.

2.MetaMask can be used to add/import DAI Tokens

MetaMask requires the DAI token in order to receive and view DAI.

DAI’s contract address must be copy-pasted into MetaMask in order to be added.

With MetaMask, we can add tokens with a single tap from a list of inbuilt token lists.

Using MetaMask, select Import Tokens from the main menu.

Note:You must be connected to the Ethereum mainnet in order to use this feature.

The Search tab will appear after you tap Import Tokens.

The search box should be typed as DAI.

There will be an appearance of a stable DAI coin.

Select Import from the menu.

There you go. In your MetaMask application, you have added the DAI token.

3.MetaMask address: copy it

You must tap on the DAI token address below the network dropdown once you have added it to the MetaMask application.

4.Binance: select DAI

Binance’s mobile application should now be open.

The Wallet icon is available on the left.

The following will now be visible: Deposits, Withdrawals, and Earnings.

Click Withdraw.

Next, tap Crypto.

You should choose DAI.

5.Add the amount after pasting the MetaMask address

After tapping on DAI, you’ll see a Send window.

Copy the MetaMask address, then paste it.

Click on the Network tab and select Ethereum (ERC20).

Sending via BSC is also an option. At the receiver’s end, make sure the network matches.

Assets will be lost if this does not happen.

The final step is to enter how much DAI you would like to send.

Withdrawal can be accessed by tapping on it.

Now you’ll see a confirmation pop-up. Tap on Confirm to confirm your MetaMask wallet address.

6.Verify the information

Authenticating the transfer is the next step.

Tap Submit when you have entered the verification codes from your e-mail and mobile phone.

7.MetaMask should be checked

Our MetaMask wallet received DAI in 7 minutes.

You can check your balance by opening the MetaMask wallet extension after a few minutes.

Final Thought 

How to Send Dai to MetaMask is a simple task.

The network must be selected correctly, and the address copied and pasted correctly.

MetaMask charges 10 DAI ($10) for withdrawing DAI from Binance.

It costs 0.7996 DAI ($0.7996) to withdraw DAI via the BSC chain.

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