In The Metaverse, Can You Get Free Land?

It is possible to obtain some sort of land for free in the metaverse.

Here we will demonstrate which platforms provide free land in the metaverse and how you can acquire it.

If you don’t have millions of dollars to invest in virtual property. There are still other ways to go about it. This article will discuss these alternative options.

Many people are already familiar with the concept of the “metaverse” but there are still some who are attempting to grasp its meaning.

Neal Stephenson. A renowned science fiction author first used the word ‘metaverse’ in 1992 to describe a concept of an all-encompassing virtual space where people can come together to communicate, play, and work.

This is a virtual setup that combines augmented reality (AR) virtual reality (VR), and blockchain technology. And social media creates simulated settings that enable users to have immersive experiences similar to the real world.

This is a simulated digital reality that combines augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR). And blockchain technology. And social media creates virtual spaces for engaging user experiences that resemble the real world.

In The Metaverse, Why Would You Want To Own Free Land?

We wouldn’t compel you to get free land in the metaverse. Yet we’d propose that you possess lands there. Here’s the clarification behind our suggestion.

Real estate has traditionally been an important element of the financial holdings of most individuals.

Much of the real estate of the past has been tangible; however. With the emergence of virtual land. Today’s real estate investors may be examining something more abstract.

Investors who are open to taking a risk on new technologies may find a virtual real estate portfolio to be an advantageous opportunity.

Real estate that exists exclusively in a virtual environment and has a valid deed is one-of-a-kind.

This environment is akin to a video game. But with additional social and community features.

Virtual land in the metaverse can be just as valuable as real-world land. With the same potential for acquisition, ownership, and investment.

Real estate in the metaverse is already a highly-profitable business. Snoop Dog and large businesses such as PwC, JP Morgan, HSBC, and Samsung already acquired virtual plots of land for different purposes.

Those who invested earlier have already gained notable gains — at least on paper.

Recently. The cost of the littlest parcel of land accessible to buy on Decentraland or the Sandbox – two of the biggest metaverse stages – was under $1,000. Presently, it is estimated at $13,000.

The Best Way To Obtain Free Land In The Metaverse

If you don’t have the financial resources to buy virtual lands in the major metaverse platforms such as Decentraland, the Sandbox, Somnium. And Crypto Voxels, you can still get your hands on some for free. 

Fortunately, new metaverse projects are popping up and many are providing free lands as part of their construction and development of the community. 

So if you’re curious about how to acquire free land in the metaverse, simply stay on the lookout for these types of offers. Here are some websites you can visit to find out about free metaverse lands.

In The Metaverse Websites That Provide Free Lands

Let us take a brief look at some of the websites that provide gratis lands in the digital world.

  • Next earth
  • Cornucopias 
  • Metaverser
  • Warriors of Aradena 

1. Next Earth

In Next Earth, users can access a blockchain-based metaverse society, where they can acquire free land and generate wealth in the real world. This virtual world allows people to purchase and own land in a virtual environment.

Next Earth aims to be an expansive ecological philanthropy program, incorporating community administration, tokenomics, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solutions to benefit the whole population.

The Next Earth platform is a precise copy of our planet. As part of a larger Metaverse initiative, the primary emphasis in the near future will be on the allocation of land, fostering a sense of community, and the release of the Next Earth coin.

This generates a system that will eventually develop into an international digital platform for commercial expansion.

Next Earth is proceeding at a rapid rate, with more than 200,000 NFT lands already created.

This rewards program is set up to acknowledge and give praise to all members of the community.

In order to receive a prize, you must join the Next Earth Discord. All prizes are distributed in units, where one unit has a value of 0.1 billion BUSD.

By referring your friends to the Discord server, you can obtain free land incentives as a user.

As a bonus, you will be rewarded with further land tiles when you bring more people into the Next Earth Metaverse.

2. Cornucopias 

Cornucopias Metaverse has a market worth of $12 million and is constructed on the Cardano blockchain. It has a range of special features, such as giving away free land and custom-made islands. People of all ages may enjoy a plethora of mini-games in themed realms such as ‘Farm Life,’ ‘Wild West,’ and ‘Age of The Samurai.’ Additionally, young people can be immersed in the play-to-earn environment where they may acquire digital assets by exploring. To facilitate governance and participation in many in-game activities, the COPI token is employed, and the community can take part in voting using it. The COPI token can be purchased from PancakeSwap.

The Island is a blockchain-based virtual world where users can Play-To-Earn, Build-To-Earn and Learn-To-Earn. They can win and own real-world land and other NFT-based assets through games in this secure Metaverse.

3. Metaverser

Metaverser is a multiplayer virtual world game that enables players to direct a 3D character based on their individual characteristics. It offers play-and-earn options.

Metaverser has concluded its land and token airdrops on its platform. Participants had the chance to get free lands until January 7, 2022. 

The game merges the worlds of business and gaming and allows gamers to make money by participating in gaming challenges. Rewards can be acquired in the form of MTVTs and NFTs, which can later be sold on the marketplace and cryptocurrency exchanges. Plus, NFTs can be used to represent assets and can be sold outside the game’s domain.

By adding real-world value to their online entertainment, gamers gain more power.

4. Warriors of Aradena

Warriors of Aradena is a turn-based, tactical game where the objective is to deplete the health of the Commanding Warrior to zero in order to be victorious in battle.

Players on the battlefield can select from an array of 8,000 distinct NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) known as the Warriors of Aradena. Each of these warriors is a one-of-a-kind asset that is owned and controlled by the player. 

When you purchase a Warrior, you are gaining access to a unique piece of art that serves as your avatar, as well as become a part of the Kingdom of Aradena with all of its benefits. 

As the owner of the NFT, you will have complete usage and commercial rights to the asset and any future airdrops.

The Warriors of Aradena have outlined a plan for 2022 Q3 to create a land strategy game, and have announced an airdrop of genesis warrior holders to gain free land in the Metaverse. If you have one of the warriors, now is your chance to take advantage of this opportunity and get some land before it goes on the market. Don’t miss out!


Q1. What is the Metaverse?

Ans. The Metaverse is an open virtual world where users can build and interact with its virtual environment. It is a 3D space where users can create avatars, buy and sell land, create objects, and participate in activities.

Q2. Can I get free land in the Metaverse?

Ans. Yes, you can get free land in the Metaverse. However, you need to be a registered user in the Metaverse and must have enough in-game currency to purchase the land.

Q3. Is there a cost to purchase land in the Metaverse?

Ans. Yes, there is a cost associated with purchasing land in the Metaverse. The cost varies based on the size of the land and the features offered.

Q4. What type of activities can I do with the land in the Metaverse?

Ans. You can build anything from houses and castles to businesses and markets. You can also take part in activities such as trading, racing, and fighting.

Final thoughts

 Investing in Metaverses may turn out to be a wise decision in the future, as the Metaverse is considered a game-changer. Now is the ideal moment to invest in a land airdrop or join virtual reality gaming. 

To make the most of the potential profits, it is important to understand the signs of a good upcoming Metaverse land NFT project and acquire land when it is offered for free or at a low cost. 

At the same time, brands are recognizing the value of having virtual stores and celebs are searching for spaces to host virtual concerts. Some investors buy virtual property with a view to developing and leasing it, while others are hoping to make a profit by reselling land when its value increases.

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