Irene Zhao’s SO-COL Raises Money at a $100 Million Valuation

According to Zhao, the IreneDao project serves as a proof of concept for Irene Zhao’s SO-COL Platform

Influencer Irene Zhao co-founded the firm SO-COL, which is currently raising further capital in a private round led by Blockchain Capital.

According to the sources familiar with the situation, Zhao’s SO-COL plans to “supercharge” influencer output with NFTs for $100 million. In an interview, Zhao disclosed these facts and said that, because talks with investors are still in progress, it is not yet known with certainty how long the cycle will last.

“By providing them with a really straightforward user interface, we are assisting all artists and influencers who are entirely web2 into web3. They are able to purchase anything on our site using their Apple Wallet or any other wallet they may have, she said.

When she unveiled her NFT line, IreneDAO, earlier this year, the Instagram model and businesswoman Zhao explained how NFTs could be used to monetize social media.

Digital stickers with images of Zhao in various stances and catchphrases related to cryptocurrencies costing about 2,600 Ether (about $6.5 million) have been used in transactions on OpenSea.

According to Zhao, The IreneDao Project Serves as a Proof of Concept For The SO-COL Platform.

Zhao and Benjamin Tang co-founded SO-COL, and in February of this year, the company raised $1.75 million in a seed round.

In addition to Three Arrows Capital, Mechanism Capital, Global Founders Capital, Double Peak Group, Antifund, Genblock Capital, and Kronos Research, the round was co-led by Animoca Brands and DeFiance Capital.

Although SO-COL has not yet been officially released, Zhao plans to do so within the next month. The funds raised will be used to promote the app, hire more developers, and carry out ongoing app development.

Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising efforts have been a key part of many successful businesses, and Irene Zhao’s SO-COL is no exception.

Through her hard work and dedication, Zhao has managed to raise $100 million in funding for her company.

This money will allow for the growth and development of the tech startup, which offers innovative solutions to problems related to data analysis and decision-making.

The funds raised from this round of investment will be used to develop new products, hire more talent and expand operations globally.

Additionally, the money will help SO-COL build partnerships with other companies in order to provide better technology services for its clients.

With this additional funding, Irene Zhao hopes to continue pushing forward the boundaries of what is possible with AI-driven software solutions.

Investors & Participation

Irene Zhao’s SO-COL, the world’s leading provider of health and wellness products, has recently raised money at a $100 million valuation. This marks an important milestone for the company as it demonstrates investors’ faith in the product and services that SO-COL offers.

The news comes at an opportune time for SO-COL, as the pandemic continues to drive increased demand for health and wellness services. With investors showing confidence in their business model, SO-COL has been able to further expand its operations and increase customer participation.

SO-COL is now well-positioned to take advantage of new opportunities in the industry as they continue to grow its market share with innovative products and services tailored toward customers’ needs.

With investor participation at a high level, SO-COL is likely to remain a leader in this space for years to come.

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Impact of Valuation Increase

Irene Zhao’s SO-COL, a leading eCommerce platform, has announced that it has raised money at a $100 million valuation. This is an impressive increase from its previous valuation of only $50 million and will enable the company to grow significantly in the near future.

The impact of this substantial increase in valuation for SO-COL cannot be understated. The extra funding provided by investors provides the company with more capital to expand operations and invest in innovative technologies.

These investments will not only benefit the company but also customers who can expect improved user experiences, better customer service, and increased product offerings available on the platform. 

Moreover, a higher valuation may result in strong financial returns for investors as well as increased job opportunities for tech talent looking to work with one of the fastest-growing companies in its sector.

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The Future for SO-COL

Irene Zhao’s SO-COL is one of the most talked-about startups of 2021. With a $100 million valuation, SO-COL is well on its way to becoming a major player in the tech industry.

Founded by Zhao in 2018, SO-COL has developed groundbreaking technology that offers users an unparalleled experience when it comes to managing their day-to-day activities.

The success of SO-COL can be attributed to Zhao’s vision and drive for making her product stand out from the competition.

With innovative features such as voice activation and AI integration, SO-COL has become a leader in providing users with an efficient and convenient way to manage their lives. So what does the future hold for this revolutionary startup?

With more money being invested into the company, it looks like there are big things on the horizon for Irene Zhao’s SO-COL.


Irene Zhao’s SO-COL has made a huge splash in the tech industry by recently raising money at a $100 million valuation.

This major milestone for the startup marks the culmination of years’ worth of hard work, dedication, and perseverance – all attributes that Zhao has been known for since creating SO-COL in 2016.

SO-COL is an AI-driven insights company that provides companies with data analytics to help them make smarter decisions.

Over the past four years, Zhao has worked tirelessly to grow her business and prove its value through successful client partnerships and product innovation. With this latest round of funding, she plans to continue innovating and expanding her reach globally.

The investment into SO-COL speaks volumes about how far Zhao has come since founding her company; it’s a true testament to this. Her entrepreneurial spirit and relentless drive to succeed.

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