Is Shiba Inu Dead?

The significant increase in popularity of Shiba Inu coin, also known as SHIB, has contributed to a significant number of individuals investing in cryptocurrency.

The coin experienced an extraordinary growth in 2021 with a 50,000% increase in price, drawing in numerous investors. This led to many individuals who invested a small amount, such as $2, in SHIB tokens becoming millionaires. It was then. It’s now. Is Shiba Inu dead?

Crypto experts predict the coin’s value won’t rise again in the next 5 months. Is the Shiba Inu era coming to an end? 

  • Currently, 0.008 percent of Shiba Inu’s ownership is held by just 100 people, accounting for the majority of SHIB ownership. 81 percent of SHIB is controlled by these 100 people.
  • There are one quadrillion tokens in the Shiba inu network.Half of the total supply of the asset is locked into Uniswap and the other half was given to Vitalik Buterin, who then sent 90% of his share to a burn wallet.
  • The total market capitalization of Shiba Inu has decreased to $11.35 billion, which is one-third of its value from a few months ago.

What is the current status of the cryptocurrency that experienced the most significant growth in 2021, as it seems to be declining rapidly? Has the development of the project Shiba Inu Dead

The challenges

SHIB token’s shine has been knocked off by so many forces. A lack of utility is the first problem. Crypto projects are also on the rise. 

In a twist of irony, when Shiba Inu launched, it was called the Doge Killer, while Bitgert and Centcex are considered Shiba Inu killers.

Here’s what Bitgert and Centex have to offer.


With its huge utility, Bitgert has been creating waves. A number of disruptive products are part of Bitgert’s ecosystem, which is rapidly growing.

The contrast to Shiba Inu, Bitgert has already built a blockchain. Additionally, Bitgert’s product lineup is expanding. 

In V2, the roadmap includes the team’s upcoming product developments.

Its huge utility and rapid development are causing Shiba Inu to lose traction. Since Bitgert launched several months ago, a large number of Shiba Inu investors have joined. With the expansion of the Bitgert ecosystem, SHIB will continue to decline.


Shiba Inu’s place on the market is being challenged by Centcex, a scaling solution for Bitgert. Centcex, like Bitgert, is working towards creating a crypto ecosystem of its own.

Experts in the crypto field believe that Centcex has the potential to rival Bitgert in terms of utility, which may result in the decline of Shiba Inu.

The growing utility of Centcex is having a negative impact on Shiba Inu. 

Recently, many investors of Shiba Inu have begun to invest in Centcex projects. With Centcex set to release its products, it is expected to attract more investors away from Shiba Inu, which may cause the value of SHIB to decrease further.

The development of the Centcex project is likely to have a significant impact on the performance of the Shiba token.

Is the Shiba Inu retreating?

Is Shiba Inu dead? Shiba Inu appears to be retraction-bound.The presence of a large number of successful cryptocurrencies, like Bitgert, may be contributing to the market’s decline.

It’s important to note that Bitgert and Centcex are both functional projects, whereas Shiba Inu is a joke coin. This is the most significant difference between Bitgert, other coins and SHIB.


Although it has a dedicated following, Shiba Inu’s practical use is limited, as evidenced by the decline of its related projects, ShibaSwap and Shiboshis, by almost 70%. The current market value of Shiba Inu is $0.00001175.

The reason for its initial success was primarily due to the overall excitement in the cryptocurrency market. However, as the hype has dissipated, so has the coin’s value. If the development team does not take action to address these shortcomings, it’s possible that the coin’s popularity and value will continue to decline..

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