It’s Out: New South Park Episode Featuring NFT

NFT Twitter’s reaction to the new South Park episode is simply one thing: We’re proud of you! That’s right, the cartoon mocks NFTs and their supporters in its most recent episode. Following the premiere of the special episode, NFT owners on Twitter shared the jokes widely.

Some Amazing NFT Jokes in the New South Park Special

The latest episode of South Park follows the events of the earlier “Post COVID” special, with the main characters now as adults trying to reverse some of the events that took place in the earlier episode. However, to avoid spoilers, further details of the setup will not be disclosed.

The focal point of the NFT storyline in the episode is centered around the adult version of Butters, who is a comical supporting character in South Park. The episode portrays Butters as trying to convince anyone who will listen to invest in NFTs, eventually leading to him being admitted to an institution due to his excessive talking about them.

Finally, there was a significant moment in NFT Twitter where adult versions of Stan and Kyle were depicted in the aftermath of a traumatic event at a motel. The scene involved a firefighter giving a confused monologue to the characters, filled with references to cryptocurrency and NFT terminology.

At one moment, he flaunts an NFT he obtained amid the chaos. To finish the episode, the fireman is taken away by another firefighter who advises him to inspect a “tiny turtle with wings” that could be a profitable investment.

Owners of NFTs aren’t strangers to jokes made at their expense

Despite the increasing popularity of NFTs, they have received criticism and ridicule from some quarters. However, the majority of NFT owners seem to have a light-hearted approach to such comments and even enjoy the attention. This is evident from the positive reactions and expressions of pride seen on social media, particularly on Twitter, as NFT owners celebrate the fact that their cherished NFTs were featured in an episode of South Park.

Of course, there were plenty of people who laughed at the NFTs, especially those who were anti-NFT. Among those who posted on Twitter, one said, “Watching the new South Park episode special and Butters started talking about NFT’s and he got sprayed with a fire extinguisher.

Sadly, it appears that the NFT community is in on the joke as well.

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