NFT Art Selling: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to learn how to sell NFT work as a digital artist? This “digital art collective” strategy is already being used by many artists and collectors to generate cool revenue.

Nearly $400 million worth of NFTs have been traded on NFT marketplaces during the previous three years, according to

 The market for these digital assets is still expanding and most likely will do so in the future.

How can an artist have a piece of the action?

Start by reading our explanation of what an N FT is and how it functions. The next stage is determining.

 where you can sell them once you have this knowledge under your belt and some really awesome art that you want to sell as an NFT.

Where can I sell my  FT’s?

1. OpenSea

How do I sell my NFTs?

2. Rarible

Another excellent website for creating and selling NFT art is Rarible. Every item on Rarible has an ETH price and is either available for ‘Buy Now’ or an auction.
However, in order to utilise Rarible to its fullest potential as an artist, you must apply and obtain a certified badge from the team.

 You must provide evidence that your work is unique as part of the approval process, which often takes less than a week.
Additionally, artists must submit connections to their social media pages, with a verified badge one of the requirements.

 as well as having a sizable following and an active community. Artists without a certified badge can find it difficult to draw in customers.
Top Rarible sellers make up to £100,000 each week and receive a 10% royalty if

3. SuperRare

As a marketplace for trading and collecting “rare, single-edition digital artworks,” SuperRare advertises itself.

 Various tags, such as 3D, animation, painting, abstract, illustration, surrealism, etc., are available for artists to use when submitting their work.
Although anyone may register to begin purchasing NFT art on SuperRare, artists cannot do the same.

 SuperRare is still in the beta stage as of this writing, and before the official launch, interested artists must fill out a form.
Existing artists get 85% of what each item sells for, plus a 10% royalty commission if a collector sells it again. 

The purchaser also pays SuperRare a 3% transaction fee at the time of purchase.
Knowing where to sell NFT paintings is the next step.

How to Sell NFT art in 5 Easy Steps

1. Create a Web3 Wallet

As blockchain-based assets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can only be created, sent, and received using a wallet. 

In order to pay the transaction fees associated with your transactions, you must also fund the wallet.
You need an Ethereum-wallet financed with its native currency, ETH, in order to pay transaction fees because the majority of NFT platforms are built on Ethereum.
The majority of experts advise using Chrome or any other browser with the Metamask wallet extension.

 By using the extension, you can access an NFT marketplace and related services right from the browser on your computer.
You can read this setup manual for Metamask.
You will be given a 12-word recovery phrase when you first install and launch Metamask. Support this in a safe way.

2. Fund Wallet With ETH

The next step is to purchase Ethereum (ETH) through a broker or cryptocurrency exchange, then transmit the funds to your Metamask ETH wallet address.
You only need to enter your address on the buying point when using a broker like BC Bitcoin; they will send the money to your address.

 On the other hand, if you utilise an exchange, you’ll need to sell the ETH after buying it.
Most platforms allow you to finish the transaction.

 using your bank account or credit/debit card. Make the purchase in any case, and then pay at least £150 in ETH to your Metamask address.

3. Prepare Your Artwork

Probably by now, your artwork is prepared. If you don’t, you can create a special example piece of art.
Look through the previously listed marketplaces to gain ideas for the best-selling NFT artwork. Your NFT can be a 100MB maximum size video, audio, photograph, or 3D model.

4. Post Your Writing on an NFT Marketplace

Connect your Ethereum wallet by going to your chosen site for buying and selling NFT. is used.

 in this tutorial because it is currently the most popular choice.
How to execute:
Log in to OpenSea using your wallet on Metamask. (Click the blue login button in the top right corner of the website.)
Accept the Sign transaction, which is intended to protect your wallet.
The website then directs you to the Account page.
Choose a username and create a succinct bio.
Give your email address and finish the verification through your inbox.
Upon returning to OpenSea, choose Create from the top right menu and NFT Submission from the dropdown list.
Under “Create New Collection,” click Create.

Give the collection’s name, a description (1000 characters), and a 350*350 logo.
Wait for a message stating that the collection has been created before clicking Save.
On the following screen, click Edit to change settings like the header picture, links to your social media accounts, currencies for payments and royalties, display themes, etc.
The Collection’s page will reload when you click Submit Changes.
Click Add New Item in the Collections section to start creating your NFT.
Along with the artwork, include any additional required details like a description and an external link.
Use details like the NFL’s inception year and edition, which you are uploading, to fill in the Properties, Levels, and Stats fields, such as 1 of 5.

 Since OpenSea only allows one edition per collection, you can upload another one.


How do royalties in NFTs operate?

On OpenSea and other platforms, creators who mint NFT art often have the right to up to 85% of the revenue generated from the primary sale.

 The royalty for a secondary sale by an initial purchaser can range from 10% to higher.

On what other blockchains can I mint NFT?

Yes. Even though Ethereum is the foundation of the majority of active and successful NFT marketplaces, other blockchains including Tezos, Binance Smart Chain.

 and Zilliqa provide NFT minting capabilities for less expensive fees. Because a sizable developer.

 And user base has already invested in NFTs on the network, Ethereum continues to be the platform of choice.

What Kind of Money Can I Make Selling NFT Art?

Despite the aforementioned numbers and the fact that certain NFTs have sold for astounding sums.

 there is no assurance that artists will be able to command the same prices for their works of art. Therefore.

 how successfully you develop a following and the exposure you receive from advertising your work .

on a well-known marketplace would determine how much money you may make from selling your NFT art.


It might not be an easy road to minting your first NFT artwork. However, if your objective is to share.

 your incredible creations with a completely new audience, it can very well be worthwhile.

The market will expand as more digital artists figure out how to take advantage of the possibilities presented by NFTs.

 Being the first to do anything puts you in a great position to teach others and potentially set out a position in a sector that many people think is still far from reaching its full potential.

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