Prediction for ENS price: Will it hit $100? Definitely bullish

A domain naming system that is open and distributed built on the Ethereum blockchain is known as ENS, or Ethereum Name Service. 

In a research by Dune Analytics, over 582,000 people have registered over 2.7 million ENS domains.

Due to ENS’ uptrend move, the Price forecast for ENS for 2022 appears lucrative.

By 2025, can ENS reach 100 USD?

Which price predictions are being made for ENS? Forecast for ENS prices until 2022 is included in this post.

Prediction of ENS prices

ENS has had a great year in 2021.

As a means of making the most recent ENS price forecast more understandable.

A short haul ENS price forecast and a long haul ENS price prediction were separated into two groups.

There has been a 20% increase in the ENS price between two groups..

The price of ENS could reach In December 2022, $22.09, according to our research.

According to our research, this will have a long-term impact.

The average price as of May 2023 according to ENS is $18.50, while it may reach a high of $19.68.

Forecast for ENS prices in 2022

Our research indicates that ENS will cost this much in 2022.

When maximum cost Minimum Cost
2022 October $28.27 $16.45
2022 November $20.65 $18.58
2022 December $22.09 $19.89

According to the ENS October price forecast 2022, Before the end of the month, ENS might hit 28 USD.

Forecast of the Price of ENS in 2023

When maximum cost Minimum Cost
2023 January $23.64 $21.49
2023 February $24.11 $21.92
2023 March  $18.09 $16.44
2023 April  $19.89 $18.09
2023 May  $16.58 $15.07
2023 June $19.89 $18.09
2023 July  $23.87 $21.70
2023 August  $26.26 $23.87
2023 September  $27.57 $25.07
2023 October $26.26 $23.87
2023 November $28.89 $26.26
2023 December  $32.35 $29.41

2024 ENS Price Prediction

Utilizing technical analysis predicts that in 2024, ENS could reach A $75.43 high and a $30.96 low were recorded.

We anticipate a significant shift in market sentiment and consequent price volatility.

When maximum cost Minimum Cost
2024 January $34.06 $30.96
2024 February  $38.26 $34.79
2024 March  $51.02 $46.38
2024 April $46.38 $42.16
2024 May $38.65 $35.14
2024 June $46.38 $42.16
2024 July  $55.66 $50.60
2024 August $61.22 $55.66
2024 September $64.28 $58.44
2024 October  $61.22 $55.66
2024 November $67.35 $61.22
2024 December $75.43 $68.57

ENS Price Prediction for 2025

We predict the typical cost to be $65 based on our quick examination of the ENS.

It is anticipated that the peak year 2025 would decrease from 2024’s level. By 2025, ENS prices will have largely stabilized.

When maximum cost Minimum Cost
2025 January $64.11 $58.28
2025 February  $60.91 $55.37
2025 March $63.95 $58.14
2025 April $57.10 $51.91
2025 May  $62.07 $56.42
2025 June $68.27 $62.07
2025 July $65.02 $59.11
2025 August $59.11 $53.74
2025 September $62.07 $56.42
2025 October $59.11 $53.74
2025 November $65.02 $59.11
2025 December $72.82 $66.20

The highest ENS price forecast for 2025 is 72.82 USD.

The lowest Forecast for 2025 ENS prices is 50.91 USD.

ENS Price Predictions for 2026–2030

The anticipated ENS cost in 2026 is between $50.86 and $35.60.

The range of the expected ENSprice in 2027 is between $43.23 and $30.26.

The price of an ENS in The year 2028 between $77.81 and $54.47.

The predicted pricing range for Ethereum Name Service in 2029 is $159.84 to $111.89.

The estimated price range for ENS in 2030 is between $178.01 and $124.61.

2026 $50.86 $35.60
2027 $43.23 $30.26
2028 $77.81 $54.47
2029 $159.84 $111.89
2030 $178.01 $124.61

Price Prediction for ENS in INR

The highest expected ENS price in INR for the remaining months of 2022 is Rs. 2296.

The highest predicted ENSprice in INR for 2023 is Rs. 2560, and the lowest price is Rs. 1200.

The lowest price for ENS in 2024 is expected to be Rs. 6000, with prices ranging from Rs. 2400 to Rs. 6000.

The estimated price of ENS in INR for 2025 is 5920 INR. The lowest price forecast is 4080 INR.

The ENS price forecast for 2030 is 14,400 INR, with 10,000 INR being the lowest price anticipated.

Analysis of 4 hourly and weekly ENS price charts

ENS Price Predictions for 2026–2030

suggests that the price may soon reach 18 USD. There is a chance ENS for too long both short- and long-term gains.

The ENSprice is reversing, according to another weekly chart of the ENS.

The ENS accumulation period may be gone, and we are now likely to reach 30 USD in 2023.

Buy, sell, or hold? A technical analysis of the ENS

It is a solid buy at the present levels, according to ENS technical analysis.

The END’s 10-day moving average exponential is 17.1.

For a period of 20 days, the END’s increasing moving average is 16.32.

The RSI (14 days) value of 54 indicates a neutral trend.

Does buying ENS make sense from a fundamental perspective?

You have the option to purchase the.ETH domain throwhich is very complicated, lolugh the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and link it to your purse account.

You can avoid having to memorize your wallet’s address in this method (which is incredibly difficult, LOL.)

If someone wanted to send you tokens, they could do so by sending them to your wallet at the ENS address you have (for instance, Cryptobullsclub.ETH).

The purchase of.ETH domains has recently increased dramatically.

ENS hosts more than 2 million domains and has 500k or more clients..

It is an Ethereum Name Service. run by a separate DAO. And 100k ENS tokens are required. in order to make a recommendation.

A minimum of 1% ENS holders must vote in order for the proposal to pass, and it must receive at least 2/3 out of the votes.

This is the use-case for the Name Service for Ethereum (ENS) coin.

How is an ENS token purchased?

The best cryptocurrency exchanges provide ENS tokens, which stand for Ethereum Name Service.

Binance, Kucoin, and FTX are the 3rd international place cryptocurrency exchanges where you may buy ENS. exchanges where you may buy ENS.

Purchase ENS Register here.
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Huobi Register right here
OKEx Register right here
KuCoin Register right here
Coinbase Register right here
FTX Register right here

The best cryptocurrency exchanges in India to purchase ENS are WazirX, CoinDCX, and Giottus.

Purchase ENS with INR Sign up here.
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Kuber Register here

Details of ENS

Coin Ticker ENS
Supply of Tokens 100,000,000
existing supply 20,244,86
Founder Nick Johnson
Date of Release 2021 November
existing rank #84
market value 394,550,883


Can ENS ever hit $100?

Yes, according to our analysis, the price of ENS could reach $100 in 2029.

What is the expected pricing of ENS in 2025?

The ENS price forecast for 2025 indicates that the maximum price might be 72.82 USD and the minimum price is predicted to be 51.91 USD.

The maximum price is about 7.35X from the current pricing.

Are ENS investments worth making?

Yes, the initiative has gained a lot of momentum over the past year and looks to continue doing so in the years to come.

What is the price forecast for ENS in 2030?

According to ENS price forecast 2030, the cryptocurrency may trade for between 125 and 178 USD. It is almost 7.35 times its current price.

Will ENS cost 10,000 Indian Rupees?

Yes, before 2030, ENS is predicted to reach 10,000 INR.

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