Price Prediction LINK for 2023, 2024, and 2030: $100 by 2025?

This article will discuss Chainlink Price Prediction LINK, its price past, LINK price forecast from 2023 to 2030, where to buy LINK from, and investment analysis.

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In essence, Chainlink (LINK) is both a cryptocurrency and a technology platform. It facilitates and creates a link between non-blockchain businesses and blockchain platforms. 

It serves as a liaison between the blockchain’s smart contracts and the external data, acting as a middleman. For instance, the token prices.

Chainlink’s main objective is to encourage the world’s computer network. This can be accomplished by giving smart contracts that are operating on top of the blockchain real-world and trustworthy data.

Name: Chainlink (LINK)

Market Cap: $3,742,692,768

Volume: $439,152,350

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

Price: $7.62

Recent News LINK

  • One of the cryptocurrencies with real-world usage, Chainlink is prepared to take advantage of the demand.
  • Because of Chainlink, Venus Protocol lost 11.2 million dollars.
  • With Chainlink, Yeti Finance and Kromatika have begun integrating.
  • Cardano and Chainlink are the two best cryptocurrencies to buy this month, according to Crypto Analysts.
  • Kemal El Moujahid, a Google veteran and creator of the TensorFlow AI system, is hired by Chainlink.

ChainLink Information

The following information on Chainlink, their founder, their current supply, and much more can be found –


Token Ticker LINK

Token Supply 1,000,000,000

Current Supply 491,599,970.45 LINK

Founder Sergey Nazarov

Release Date September 2017

Network ETH, SOL, HECO, FTM etc

Consensus Mechanism Proof of Reserve

Current Rank #26

Market cap 3128963978

How Can Link be Purchased on Global Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

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How do I purchase Link on Indian cryptocurrency exchanges?

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Price Movements of ChainLink (LINK) from 2017 to 2021

Chainlink’s ICO cost $0.11, or $0.11. Nearly 350,000,000 tokens were purchased at this price. In 2017, ChainLink was introduced, and its initial trading price was $0.1544. Then, as a result of the market circumstances, it began to rise and fall. 

Taking a look at ChainLink’s current price, it is trading at $7.58. This shows that ChainLink’s value has increased by more than 50X since the company’s founding. 

Price History 2017 LINK

Chainlink was introduced in 2017 and was being sold for $1.544 at the time. The price of Chainlink was at its all-time low in 2017 on or about September 24th, when it was approximately $0.1306. 

When that happened, it began to grow decently. Chainlink reached its all-time high for the year 2017 on December 24th, reaching $0.6254. 

2018 Price History for LINK

It’s interesting to note that while Chainlink’s price slightly decreased in 2017, the rest of the year saw a rise in Chainlink’s price. 

But in the year 2018, that was not the case. On January 1st of this year, Chainlink was trading for $0.7336. 

In addition, Chainlink prices actually declined month by month in 2018, making it a low point. Chainlink re-touched the ground on June 28th, 2018, at a cost of $0.1663. 

On January 8, 2018, Chainlink reached its all-time high, which was $1.3773. Sadly, it then began to decline.

2019 Chainlink Price History

2019 saw a slight increase in Chainlink’s value as a result of 2018, which acted somewhat as a downfall for Chainlink. 

It was traded for $0.2994 on January 1st, 2019. It traded at roughly the same price up until April, fluctuating only a few dollars. 

Chainlink’s price was approximately $0.495 on April 4 of this year, and it then began to increase. The all-time high of 2019 was on the 29th of June 2019, which was at $3.70. Chainlink’s cost decreased once more to $1.839 on December 31st, 2019. 

2020 LINK Price History

The cost of Chainlink significantly increased in 2020. All of Chainlink’s previous peaks paled in comparison to this. On August 15, 2020, the Chainlink reached a price of $19.01. As a result, its price has increased by almost more than 60%–70%. 

Chainlinks reached its highest point ever relative to the entire prior year on August 15, 2020, but it fell before it began to rise in the month of March and ended up at about $2.06.

Price History for LINK 2021

Finally, it wasn’t until 2021 that Chainlink began to trade at some of its sky-high values.  

Chainlink’s price eventually reached a record-breaking high when compared to all of its prior year’s prices as more and more individuals began to purchase it.

Unexpectedly, Chainlink set a new record high of $52.2 on May 9th, 2021. This was a brand-new accomplishment for Chainlink’s designers. $11.2 was the year’s record low on January 1st, 2021.

Price of Chainlink in 2022 (So far)

Chainlink was selling at a price of $19.16 on January 1st, 2022. According to CoinMarketCap, the price of Chainlink is currently $7.61, nearly a 75% decrease from the prior year. 

If prices are compared to their all-time peak in 2021, there has undoubtedly been a significant drop. The value of Chainlink began to decline on January 22, 2022, and eventually reached $7.61.

Price Prediction LINK



Technical Analysis of Link BTC: Where are we going?

Link/BTC is trending downward. The graphic displays an upward trend from 2017 through January 2021. 

LINK was the only coin to consistently outperform BTC over the 2018–2022 bear market. However, the narrative has completely changed since the start of the 2021 bull run.

Link reaching 0.0003 in the Link-BTC pair may provide some short-term respite, but in the long run, I don’t see any relief unless the downtrend line is broken with a lot of volumes.

Technical Analysis of Link BTC

Link USD Technical Analysis: Where are we heading?

Link/USDT is in a downturn, just like the Link-BTC pair. The Link/USDT charts exhibit an upward trend through June 2021. From 2017 to June 2021, the price of LINK increased rapidly, reaching 50 USD. 

After June, though, the narrative has completely changed.

I don’t see any relief for the LINK-BTC pair unless the downtrend line is broken with a lot of volumes.

Link USD Technical Analysis:

Is it a Buy, Hold, or Sell in 2022? Link BTC Technicals

The daily, weekly, and yearly charts for Link BTC all suggest a speedy sale.

Is it a Buy, Hold, or Sell in 2022? Link BTC Technicals

Is it a Buy, Hold, or Sell for USDT Technicals in 2022?

All daily, monthly, and yearly charts for the Link USD technical indicator recommend a rapid sale.

Is it bullish or bearish for chainlink in 2022?


We believe Chainlink will see a Bearish year in 2022.

Forecast for today, tomorrow, and this month’s ChainLink prices

By October 2022, Chainlink (LINK) appears to be weak technically.

Today, LINK is anticipated to be in RED. Tomorrow, LINK is expected to increase by 2.23 percent. This month, LINK might move in the opposite direction.

Link Price Prediction in USD for 2022

By the end of this year, based on our study, we anticipate Chainlink prices will range from $8.01 to $9.62 USD. Steady and gradual growth is apparent.

LINK Price Prediction  Maximum Price Minimum Price

December 2022             $9.69 $6.72

The anticipated price for LINK in December 2022 is 9.69 USD.

Price Prediction for Chainlink (LINK) in 2023

By the end of 2023, we project that Chainlink will cost between $10 and $12. In 2023, Chainlink’s trade price may range from $14.18 to $6.61. Prices may slightly rise in the months of July, August, September, and from October through December.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price

January 2023 $10.36 $9.42

February 2023 $10.57 $9.61

March 2023 $7.93 $7.21

April 2023 $8.72 $7.93

May 2023 $7.27 $6.61

June 2023 $8.72 $7.93

July 2023 $10.47 $9.51

August 2023 $11.51 $10.47

September 2023 $12.09 $10.99

October 2023 $11.51 $10.47

November 2023 $12.66 $11.51

December 2023 $14.18 $12.89

In 2023, the highest price for LINK is projected to be 14.18 USD.

2024 Chainlink Price Forecast in US Dollars

Investors in cryptocurrencies are anticipating that Link will in fact cross the $30 threshold. We may anticipate Link to reach between $29 and $32 by the end of 2024.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price

January 2024 $14.93 $13.57

February 2024 $16.77 $15.25

March 2024 $22.37 $20.33

April 2024 $20.33 $18.48

May 2024 $16.94 $15.40

June 2024 $20.33 $18.48

July 2024 $24.40 $22.18

August 2024 $26.84 $24.40

September 2024 $28.18 $25.62

October 2024 $26.84 $24.40

November 2024 $29.52 $26.84

December 2024 $33.06 $30.06

The highest estimated price for Chainlink in 2024 is 33.06 USD.

2025 Link Price Prediction

Moving forward to 2025, it is anticipated that Link will cost the same as it did in 2024. Future declines are anticipated to have a solid support line created this year. We may anticipate that Link will cost between $28 and $32. 

If we compare current pricing to 2022, there has been a significant increase.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price

January 2025 $28.10 $25.55

February 2025 $26.70 $24.27

March 2025 $28.03 $25.49

April 2025 $25.03 $22.76

May 2025 $27.21 $24.73

June 2025 $29.93 $27.21

July 2025 $28.50 $25.91

August 2025 $25.91 $23.56

September 2025 $27.21 $24.73

October 2025 $25.91 $23.56

November 2025 $28.50 $25.91

December 2025 $31.92 $29.02

In 2025, the maximum price for LINK is anticipated to be 32 USD.

What is the anticipated price of LINK in January 2025?

According to price forecasts for January 2025, Link may trade for between $25.55 and $28.10.

What is the anticipated price of LINK in February 2025?

Link price forecasts for February 2025 are $24.27 and $26.70, respectively.

What is the expected pricing of Chainlink in March 2025?

The link might trade between $25.49 and $28.03 in March 2025, according to the price estimate.

What is the anticipated Chainlink price for April 2025?

In April 2025, chainlink might see a minor adjustment. It might fall to $22.76.

What is the expected pricing of Chainlink in May 2025?

In May, the price of LINK could increase. LINK may trade for between 24.73 and 27.21 USD.

What is the expected price of LINK in June 2025?

The maximum link price anticipated for June 2025 is 29.93 USD, while the lowest price anticipated is 27.21 USD.

Link Price Prediction 2022 to 2030 (in USD) Synopsis: Maximum and Minimum

Let’s attempt to contrast the pricing between 2022 and 2030. We may expect the cost of Link to be approximately 7-8 USD in 2022. However, it’s anticipated that Link will cost no less than $300 by 2030. We can expect a 300X rise in the value of chainlink by 2030 compared to 2022.

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price

2022 $9.69 $6.85

2023 $14.18 $6.61

2024 $33.06 $13.57

2025 $31.92 $22.76

2026 $22.35 $15.64

2027 $18.99 $13.30

2028 $34.19 $23.93

2029 $70.23 $49.16

2030 $78.21 $54.75

  • The outlook for LINK in 2022 is bearish, with a range of 9.69 to 6.85 USD expected.
  • The anticipated price range for LINK in 2025 in USD is 32 to 22 USD. This is almost four times the going rate.
  • The estimated value of links in USD in 2030 ranges from 78 to 55 USD. This costs almost 10 times as much as it does right now.

Forecast for Link Prices in INR from 2022 to 2030

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price

2022 ₹774.84 ₹547.92

2023 ₹1,134.58 ₹528.54

2024 ₹2,645.17 ₹1,085.72

2025 ₹2,553.88 ₹1,820.43

2026 ₹1,787.72 ₹1,251.40

2027 ₹1,519.56 ₹1,063.69

2028 ₹2,735.20 ₹1,914.64

2029 ₹5,618.53 ₹3,932.97

2030 ₹6,257.00 ₹4,379.90

2022: LINK is expected to reach 774 INR in 2022 before steadily declining and trading between 650 and 700 INR.

2023: By 2023, it’s anticipated that Chainlink will reach 1134 INR.

2024: By 2024, LINK might reach 2645 INR.

2025: The price of LINK is anticipated to reach 2553 INR in 2025.

2026: According to the price projection, LINK could fluctuate between 1787 and 1251 Indian rupees in 2026.

2027: According to the 2027 Chainlink pricing projection, LINK could fluctuate between 1519 and 1063 Indian rupees.

2028: According to the Chainlink pricing estimate, LINK could fluctuate between 2735 and 1914 Indian rupees in 2028.

2029: According to the price projection, LINK could fluctuate between 5,618.53 INR and 3,932.97 INR.

2030: The estimated price for LINK in INR is 6,257.00 INR.

Questions and Answers

Here are some of the often-asked questions about our algorithm’s predictions of shifting pricing.

Will the price of Chainlink ever hit $100?

Chainlink’s price needs to increase by more than 13X from where it is now in order to hit $100. Actually, it goes beyond that. 

It may only take a short while for Chainlink to hit $100 if the crypto market can regain its speed. Naturally, the same requires a lot of patience.

According to our calculations, Chainlink’s price may reach the astounding $100 level by 2032.

Is it wise to purchase Chainlink in 2022?

Our technical and price research predicts that Link’s price will increase over the following years. In the year following 2022, it is anticipated that Link’s price would increase. Researchers also think that Chainlink’s bear run may be complete in 2022.

Given that the price of Chainlink is expected to rise significantly from its current level over the next few years, purchasing it in 2022 may be a wise decision.

How much will links cost in 2030?

According to our research, at the end of the year 2030, Chainlink should cost somewhere around $78.21.

Why is chain link so inexpensive?

Chainlink’s price is ideal for novice investors in the financial sector. When compared to the cost of Chainlink, Bitcoin is currently trading at a five-digit price. 

Despite the fact that we are unable to evaluate this investment solely, the Chainlink coin comes in at number 25 when measured by market capitalization. Additionally, this is undoubtedly a good value for newbies and something they should investigate.

Link: Is He a Dead Coin?

Digital assets or cryptocurrencies that have been discontinued or abandoned are known as “dead coins.” Dead coins are sometimes referred to as cryptocurrencies that have been exposed as scams and have no funding or liquidity. 

Chainlink is not a dead coin because it is not declining for any of the aforementioned reasons and is now trading actively at a price of $7.61.

How will link prices change in 2025?

The cost of Link in 2025 can exceed 2,553.88 INR. The USD price of LINK might range from $31.92 to $22.76. Therefore, anyone who buys LINK now could see a healthy return within the following three years.

Should You Make a 2022 Investment in LINK?

In 2022, investing in Link might be worthwhile because it might generate a sizable return in the following years. But everything is dependent on how volatile the market is. I believe it is advisable to wait before purchasing LINK because 2022 is bearish for Price Prediction LINK. 

If you already have a few positions in LINK and would like to add more, use this. Given that Link is currently trading at a low price, it’s a great opportunity for people who do not currently own any of the stock. 

Additionally, make a tiny purchase so you can gain from the LINK fall.

Where do you think LINK will be in 2030 after reading about ChainLink and LINK Price Prediction for 2022 to 2030? Tell us in the comments.

Warning: None of the forecasted LINK prices mentioned in this post should be taken as the actual pricing. Prior to purchasing LINK, DYOR.

AI produced the article’s price prediction, so the same outcomes cannot be guaranteed.

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