QuickNode Acquires Icy Tools and Extends NFT API

QuickNode Acquires Icy Tools and Extends NFT API

QuickNode a top NFT infrastructure and analytics provider purchased Icy Tools to increase its API compatibility for several blockchains.

Icy Tools will. e acquired by QuickNode in an. Undisclosed transaction the company stated.

In order to supply its NFT API customers with more goods the top blockchain infrastructure provider is purchasing the well-known NFT analytics platform.

The two platforms will provide node infrastructure. Analytics tools and price information to NFT developers.

QuickNode a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure has announced the acquisition of Icy Tools in an undisclosed transaction.

In order. to broaden. The scope of its product offering. Across many blockchains the company is purchasing the NFT API and analytics provider.

According to the statement QuickNode intends to provide project developers on Ethereum. BSC Solana Polygon and more through a single seamless interface with analytics price data and node infrastructure.

To enable a more technical study of NFT sales Icy. Tools offers NFT analytics and market reports to consumers and investors.

NFT traders can use this knowledge to decide which non-fungible tokens are the best to purchase.

OpeSea Genie and Looks Rare are just a few of the top NFTs marketplaces and aggregator platforms that the platform uses to gather information in order to give. QuickNode NFT.

API customers more options. Icy Tools API will be immediately. Integrated into QuickNode’s current platform.

Jackie De La Rosa COO of QuickNode commented on the acquisition and shared her company’s enthusiasm for the prospects made possible by incorporating Icy Tools into its platform.

Because NFT connections demand complex blockchain infrastructure behind the scenes she noted QuickNode is a logical solution for this.

We were already optimistic about the power. Of QuickNode for developers. ut the acquisition of icy.

tools propels QuickNode to the forefront of NFT development by generating an integrated web3 development and analytics platform said Alexis Ohanian founding and managing partner of 776 and an early stage QuickNode investor.

The agreement stipulates that the Icy Tools analytics platform would continue to function independently and that the QuickNode development platform Companies aiming to take advantage of opportunities in the developing.

Web3 domain are increasingly focusing on the blockchain analytics and infrastructure sector of the market. As the with the purchase of Icy Tools. QuickNode is now. Well-positioned. To take advantage of the sector’s rapid expansion.


How Do Icy Tools Work?

By providing real-time floor and volume. data historical charts and trend. Data NFT portfolio values on any wallet and other features tools can help you find track and analyze NFTs.

Currently we are concentrating on ERC-721 transactions that take place through OpenSea LooksRare Genie and gem.

Describe QuickNode.

A Web3 infrastructure platform called QuickNode aids in the development launching and scaling of blockchain-powered applications (dApps).

Instant access to over 14 networks including Ethereum. Solana Polygon BSC and Avalanche. s made possible by a lightning-fast global API.

Is Icy tools free?

How much is the premium version of icy. tools? The price of icy. tools premium is $75 for one month of access or $375 for six months.

How can I use QuickNode?

With the same simplicity of Web2 development Quick node’s gives node runners the infrastructure they need to begin developing Web3 applications.

The Quick node’s-provided. APIs documentation. And tutorials can be used. By developers to build DApps that include wallets NFT marketplaces games and more.

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