As a Result of Stephen Curry, Under Armour Will Stop Selling NFTs

The Stephen Curry NFTs

Stephen Curry NFTs Will come with serums that can be used to change the way their owners’ avatars look. These serums are kept in digital wallets.

Under Armour, a US-based sportswear company has announced that they will stop selling NFTs in order to recognize every three-pointer made by NBA superstar Stephen Curry during the current playoff games.

On a first-come, first-served basis, fans will receive the Steph Curry NFTs. It will feature “serums,” which are used to personalize avatar appearances and are kept in digital wallets.

Stephen Curry Ardent Supporters

Curry’s most ardent supporters can earn three free digital basketballs for each three-pointer he makes during a playoff game for the Golden State Warriors. The Curry Brand will serve as its launch vehicle.

Before accessing the “Reserve an NF3 Basketball” option on the website, users must first link their MetaMask wallet to the site. When a Basketball is available for reservation, Steph Curry supporters only need to click “Agree to Terms & Conditions” and then “Reserve.”

In order to determine whether they have successfully reserved a Basketball, users must scroll down to the section marked “NF3 Basketball Winners.” One hour after the game, they should scroll down to “NF3 Counter” after verification and choose “Claim.”

The reserve button will turn on after a three-pointer from Curry in the playoffs. Pressing Reserve does not ensure you will receive NF3 Basketball. Only those who click “Reserve” first will be able to reserve an NFT, but they must also pay the gas fee.

After successfully reserving a Basketball NFT, a user cannot do so until the following game. If they are unsuccessful, they can try again until they are successful in reserving a Basketball NFT.

More information regarding the drop and NF3 Basketball will be revealed later. Under Armour intends to release an additional 20,000 basketball NFTs in June.

Under Armour and Stephen Curry have previously Collaborated

As Curry made his 2974th career three-pointer and broke the all-time NBA record for three-pointers in December 2021, Under Armour unveiled the first cross-platform metaverse sneaker with full in-game capabilities.

For his 34th Stephen Curry Gives Birthday Cake to ‘2974’ Collection Holders NFT
celebration in March, Stephen Curry sent an NFT with a birthday cake theme to the owners of his 2974 NFT Collection. Each NFT in the 2974 collection, which is available on the FTX platform, has a special number and highlights a different made 3-pointer and game date spanning his 12-year career.

FAQs About Steph Curry

Steph Curry Has How Many NFTs?


The “2974 Collection” of Curry’s NFTs, which were only available on FTX, was a part of the collaboration. The collection included 2,974 different images honoring each of his three-pointers throughout his career up until the moment he broke the NBA’s all-time record for three-pointers made.

An NFT is Owned By Steph Curry?

Curry first joined the NFT neighborhood in August 2021 as a result of a $206,000 Bored Ape Yacht Club acquisition.

The cost of Steph Curry’s Under Armour contract?

Curry’s $215 million contract with Under Armour, which currently runs through 2024, may be extended for much longer. Curry’s own subsidiary brand will reportedly be part of the lucrative contract, much like Nike did with Michael Jordan.

Owns Steph Curry have any Under Armour stock?

Curry would receive his own sub-brand as part of the rumored $1 billion Under Armour deal.

Does Curry have a lot of sponsors?

Net worth as of 2023 for Stephen Curry

Name Wardell Stephen Curry II
Source of Wealth NBA Salary, endorsement, signature shoes, Unanimous Media
Salary $48,000,000 (NBA)
Endorsements Chase, Nissan Motor, Under Armour, Palm, Rakuten, Infiniti
Endorsements Earnings $47 million



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