Steps for Adding a Trust Wallet to MetaMask

Trust Wallet and MetaMask, two well-known cryptocurrency wallets, are used by millions of people.

Unlike Trust Wallet, which can only be downloaded as a mobile application for Android and iOS.

Both a browser extension and an Android and iOS mobile application are available for the MetaMask wallet.

If you want to use a plugin for your browser you can import your Trust Wallet into MetaMask.

Several DeFi applications are also blocked from access by the iOS Trust Wallet app.
Importing your Trust Wallet into MetaMask is the solution.

One of two methods is available for importing the Trust Wallet into MetaMask:

Using a private recovery phrase importing is simple and secure.

Only use the second method to recover money if it was delivered to the incorrect public address.

To import Trust Wallet into MetaMask you must copy the 12-word recovery phrase from your Trust Wallet.

Steps for Importing a Trust Wallet into MetaMask Using a Secret Recovery Phrase

1. On Trust Wallet find and copy your recovery phrase.

The Trust Wallet account you want to import it to is where you should go. If you only have one account you will only see one entry.

The three vertical dots can be clicked and moved.

MetaMask import of the Trust Wallet

Use a biometric or passcode to verify your identity. Now Trust Wallet will show you how to manage the secret phrase the right way.

Select Continue after selecting the checkboxes.

The secret phrase for your Trust Wallet will be visible to you.

2. Get MetaMask.

If you’ve already installed the MetaMask wallet, you may skip this step.

The wallet can be downloaded by going to the MetaMask website.
Launch the MetaMask extension or mobile app after downloading and installation.

3. Pick the import option for Secret Recovery Phrase.

You will see two options on the following screen: I already have a secret recovery phrase, so let’s get set up.

In the list, click or hit Import Wallet. No, I already have a Secret Recovery Phrase.

4.Upload your Trust Wallet to MetaMask in step four.

To import the Trust Wallet, you must input your recovery phrase for the Trust Wallet on MetaMask.

Enter the 12-word recovery/seed phrase for your Trust Wallet in the first field.

Then a new password needs to be made. To complete click or press Import.

All done. The import of your Trust Wallet into MetaMask was successful.

You can add MetaMask extensions to two distinct browsers, please note.

So long as you want to keep your Trust Wallet account.

That has simultaneously been imported into MetaMask along with the current MetaMask account on your MetaMask extension.

How to Import the Trust Wallet into MetaMask Using Private Keys

The private keys will not be accessible through Trust Wallet.

Therefore, we must rely on the BIP39 tool, a third-party website, in order to ascertain the private key.

This tool is listed in the Trust Wallet Community.

How Can IGet My PrivateKeys for Ian Coleman’s BIP39 Tool?

Visit to access the BIP39 Tool website.

For offline use of this programme, we advise downloading your private key.

This article can serve as a reference for using this programme offline.

Once you have discovered your Trust Wallet private key using the BIP39 tool.

you can import your Trust Wallet to MetaMask by performing the procedures detailed below:

1. Click MetaMask > Import Account.

Start developing your MetaMask mobile app or wallet extension.

Clicking or touching on the profile icon in the top right corner will take you to Import Account.

You may see an Import Account at this time.

There add your private key..

2. Add the private key from your Trust Wallet.

that you identified utilising’s BIP39 tool.

3. Switch between your MetaMask and Trust Wallet accounts.

After you click or push the Import button, your Trust Wallet will be imported to your MetaMask.

Click/t You may recognise this by looking at the address and the account header.

Use the profile icon on the top right to choose which accounts, such as Trust Wallet and MetaMask, you want to switch between.


One of two methods will allow you to import your Trust Wallet into Meta Mask:

It is simple and safe to import using Recovery Phrase or Seed Phrase.

A more challenging way for importing data is using a private key. The trickier approach involves importing data using a private key. 

Additionally, you must input your Trust.

Use the wallet’s recovery phrase in a third-party software to find the private key.

due to the Trust Wallet’s prohibition on access to the private key/.due to the Trust Wallet’s prohibition on access to the private key.

However you can use the tool offline as was already said.

The method should only be used when retrieving cash that was sent to the wrong public address.”


1. Can Trust Wallet be imported into MetaMask?

Yes, you can import your Trust Wallet into Meta  Mask using your recovery phrase.
Your Trust Wallet must be copied and pasted.

You will need to enter the recovery phrase into Meta Mask in order to import the Trust Wallet.

You may find your Trust Wallet recovery phrase by navigating to Settings.

After selecting Wallets, select the account you want to import by tapping the three vertical dots next to it.
Click Show Secret Phrase to finish.

2. Is there a Trust Wallet extension?

For the time being, Trust Wallet has no browser extension. Trust Wallet is compatible with iOS and Android-powered mobile devices.

You can use Trust Wallet as a browser plugin by importing your Trust Wallet through recovery phrase to Meta Mask.

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