Stock Forecast for Palantir (PLTR) for 2022–2025– 2030

Do you wish to learn more about Palantir stock prediction? It is wise to keep an eye on Palantir’s (PLTR) stock because it could soon increase. 

The business is working to improve the future for everyone, and it has made strides in a number of areas, including its data analytics platform.

What Is Palantir (PLT) Stock?

The NYSE ticker symbol “PLTR” denotes the stock of Palantir Technologies Inc. Returns have been competitive over the past year. Sincerely, it has been a disaster for the long side, and the short side has benefited. 

Analysts claimed that the bottom had been reached about a month ago. According to their current assessment, the bottom was found. Future earnings will without a doubt spur the stock to move in the direction of high-volume trading.

To be clear, many people anticipate a significant change. Investors should be ready for a bull/bear battle and be able to take advantage of the short-term volatility for some quick swing trade profits. 

Despite this, Palantir continues to be a top long-term investment in our opinion. We are confident that the stock will generate positive returns from single-digit levels as long as management does not completely dilute shareholders. 

PLTR: Is It a Smart Long-Term Investment?

PTR consistently maintains net margins of at least 30% over the long term. By 2024, PLTR’s price could be trading at about 13.5 times sales, assuming a 1.5x price-to-earnings growth ratio (the “PEG ratio”). 

The potential gain is 141%, or roughly 40% in compounded returns over the following 2.5 years, according to the PLTR stock forecast for 2022.

Forecast for PLTR Stock in 2022

In 2022, Palantir expects its stock to trade for a maximum of $15.30 and a minimum of $17.85. In 2022, it might prove to be a wise and lucrative investment.

Forecast for PLTR Stock in 2023

In 2023, Palantir is anticipated to trade with a maximum stock price of $19.45 and a minimum stock price of $20.50. 

Forecast for PLTR Stock in 2024

Palantir’s stock price is anticipated to range between $22.10 at its highest point and $24.60 at its lowest point in 2024.

Forecast for PLTR Stock in 2025

The forecast for Palantir’s stock in 2025 predicts a range of $30.13 for the minimum stock price and a maximum stock price of $28.72.

Forecast for PLTR Stock in 2026

PTR stock forecast for the year 2026 predicts a minimum stock price of $39.35 and a maximum stock price of $35.40.

Forecast for PLTR Stock in 2027

In 2027, Palantir’s stock is anticipated to trade at a maximum price of $42.35 and a minimum price of up to $45.15.

Forecast for PLTR Stock in 2028

According to Palantir’s stock forecast, the company’s shares could trade for a maximum of $49.70 and a minimum of $54.96 in 2028.

Forecast for PLTR Stock in 2029

PTR stock predictions for 2029 show that they will trade for a maximum of $59.30 and a minimum of $63.65.

Forecast for PLTR Stock in 2030

Palantir is expected to trade at a maximum stock price of roughly $69.05 and a minimum price of $74.50 in 2030, according to the PTR stocks forecast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The PLTR Stock’s Future Hold?

based on research conducted by the 12 Wall Street analysts who have offered 12-month price targets for PLTR Technologies in the previous three months.

With a maximum forecast of $20.00 and a minimum forecast of $6.00, Palantir’s average price target is $11.80. Compared to the most recent price of $11.45, the average price target represents a 3.06% change.

Is There Room For Palantir To Expand?

Analysts predict that the Palantir company’s EBITDA will grow significantly from $203.74 million in 2020 to $553.06 million in 2022. And from $182.54 million in 2020 to $480.21 million in 2022, the PLTR’s net normalized income is anticipated to increase.

How Far Will PLTR Ascend?

PLTR is projecting future revenue growth of at least 30% per year through 2025–2026. Additionally, the business has a solid balance sheet with $2.2 billion in cash and almost no debt.

What Happens To Palantir in 2022?

The maximum and minimum stock prices predicted by Palantir for the year 2022 are respectively $15.30 and $17.85. In 2022, it might prove to be a wise and lucrative investment.

In Five Years, How Much Will Palantir Be Worth?

Palantir’s stock is expected to trade between a minimum price range of $30.13 and a maximum price range of $28.72 in 2025.

Should I Buy, Sell, Or Hold PLTR?

A Hold is the general consensus rating for PLTR Technologies. Based on six holds, three buys, and two sells, the company has an average rating score of 2.25.

What Potential Does Palantir Have?

Palantir receives a Moderate Sell analyst consensus rating based on three Hold ratings, one Buy rating, and four Sell ratings. Over the last three months, according to the Wall Street analysts’ analysis. 

The potential upside is estimated to be 33.7% at the average PLTR price target of $22.1

Will Palantir Recover?

Palantir generates about $2 billion in annual revenue, but it still grows its revenue by 30–40% year over year, and its long-term projections/outlooks call for the company to maintain growth rates of more than 30% y/y through at least 2025.


Investing in PLTR Palantir (PLTR) is one of the most exciting investments on the stock market. After a successful IPO, investors are wondering what’s next for PLTR and where they should invest their money.

In this article, we took a look at Palantir’s stock forecast for 2022-2030 to help investors make an informed decision. When it comes to investing in PLTR.

After analyzing the company’s prospects and looking at how other similar companies have performed in the past few years, it appears that investing in PLTR could be a lucrative opportunity with the potential for long-term growth.

The company has been gaining momentum since its initial public offering, showing strong signs of potential success in the upcoming the. Years With its innovative technology solutions and expanding customer base, Palantir could become even more valuable over time as it. Continues to grow and gain recognition from investors around the world. 

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