Stock Price Prediction for MetaMaterials (MMAT) 2023-2025 2030

Cryptofocustoday helps our users decide whether MMAT would be a good addition to their portfolio by using a special algorithm based on deep learning. 

These predictions take into account a number of variables, such as volume changes, price changes, market cycles, and similar stocks.

How Does MMAT Stock Work?

Various functional materials and nanocomposites are developed and produced by the Canadian company MMAT. It focuses on photonics and smart materials.

The energy company Torchlight Energy Resources and the company entered into a reverse takeover agreement, and on June 28, 2021, the company started trading on the stock exchange.

Who Owns Stock in MMAT?

Common Stock Meta Material has only one shareholder, Swiss National Bank. There are still additional stockholders, though.

What Components Do Meta Materials Contain?

According to McPhedran, Shadrivov, Kuhlmey, and Kivshar (2011) and Walser (2003), metamaterials are composite materials made primarily of arrays of tiny metallic resonators with micro- or nano-scale structures.

Is Investing in MetaMaterials a Smart Long-Term Move?

Overall, it seems like investing in Meta Materials will pay off in terms of future growth. However, making an investment in a small business is not without risk. Although not everyone ought to own Meta Materials stock, it might be a wise addition to a well-rounded portfolio.

Meta Materials Stock Price Prediction In 2023

Meta Materials’ share price is anticipated to reach $3.50 by 2023 by the majority of Wall Street analysts. A rise of up to 295.48% from the current $0.89 share price of MetaMaterials is predicted by the typical stock price estimate.

Meta Materials Stock Price Prediction In 2024

In 2024, MMAT’s EPS is anticipated to be on average -$0.12, with the lowest estimate being -$0.15 and the highest being -$0.08. It is anticipated that MMAT’s EPS will decline to -$0.03 in 2024 (minimum: -$0.03, maximum: -$0.03).

Meta Materials Stock Price Prediction In 2025

The META MATERIALS INC stock prediction for 2025 is $4.4 on average, with high estimates of $5.61 and low estimates of $3.41. 

There are 12 predictions made for each month of 2025. A 143.1% increase from the most recent price of $1.80999994277954 is projected for the META MATERIALS INC stock in 2025.

Mmat Stock Price Prediction In 2026

Twelve predictions are made for each month of 2026 regarding the price of the mmat stock, with an average prediction of 3.48, a high prognosis of 3.74, and a low forecast of 3.37.

In comparison to the most recent price of 3.37, the average Mmat stock price prediction for 2026 indicates an increase of 3.41%.

Mmat Stock Price Prediction In 2027

With high and low projections of $7.53 and $6.81, respectively, the average Mmat stock price prediction for 2027 is $7.19. Each month of 2027 has 12 predictions available. 

The average Mmat stock price forecast for 2027 anticipates an increase of 297.08% from the previous value of $1.80999994277954.

Mmat Stock Price Prediction In 2028

With high and low forecasts of $5.61 and $3.41, respectively, and an average price prediction of $4.4 for MMAT stock in 2028. 

12 predictions have been made for each month of 2028. According to the average Mmat stock price forecast for 2028, there will be a 143.1% increase over the stock’s previous price of $1.80999994277954.

Mmat Stock Price Prediction In 2029

With high forecasts of $8.01 and low forecasts of $7.65, the average Mmat stock price prediction for 2029 is $7.88. There are twelve forecasts, one for every month of 2029.

From the previous price of $1.80999994277954, the average Mmat stock price forecast for 2029 indicates an increase of 335.55%.

Mmat Stock Price Prediction In 2030

According to six forecasts made for every month of the year, the Mmat stock price is anticipated to trade at an average price of $1.47, a high price of $2.14, and a low price of $1.0 in 2030.

The average Mmat stock price prediction for 2030 shows a decline of -18.78% from the most recent price of $1.80999994277954.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Buy MMAT Stock?

MMAT has the potential to perform worse than the market, as evidenced by the stability of its finances and its growth prospects. It currently has a growth score of F.

Recent price fluctuations and earnings estimate revisions suggest that this would not be a good company for momentum investors, giving it a Momentum Score of F.

MMAT Expected To Increase?

Meta Materials’ share price is expected to be $3.50 by 2023, according to Wall Street analysts on average. The typical estimate for the price of Meta Materials’ stock predicts an increase of up to 295.48% from the current. The shares price of $0.89 for MMAT.

How Much is The MMAT Stock Worth?

The three analysts providing 12-month price projections for Meta Materials Inc. have a median target of 2.00, with a high estimate of 5.00 and a low estimate of 2.00. A rise of +124.87% from the most recent price of 0.89 is depicted by the median projection.

Is MMAT a Reputable Company?

MMAT has an overall F rating, which is equivalent to a Strong Sell, in accordance with our special POWR Rating system.

118 different variables are taken into account when calculating the POWR Ratings, and each is given the proper amount of weight. Additionally, our internally developed grading system grades each stock based on eight different categories.

Should I Spend Money on MMATs?

MMAT are composite materials composed of arrays of minuscule metallic resonators that are ordinarily arranged on the micro- or nanoscale. Before deciding to buy the shares, make sure to look into the company’s financial position and consider market trends.

Why Is The MMAT Declining?

One of the biggest problems with MMAT shares is that the company’s cash position is deteriorating.

After paying for Nanotech, any related acquisition costs, and cash burn from ongoing operations, the company’s cash reserves have dropped. By more than 50%, from $154.6 million to about $75 million.


Over the course of the upcoming year, we anticipate that the price of Meta Materials stock will significantly rise.

Expectations for the company’s upcoming product release, which we believe will be a major success, are largely to blame for this increase. Below is a comment box where you can share your prediction about the price of Mmat stock.

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