The 5 reasons why 0n1 Force NFTs are tanking

There was once a high level of excitement and promise surrounding 0N1 Force. The project’s community lost faith in the project after unwise decisions were made.

0N1 Force: What is it?

This is an initial project aimed at developing cross-platform IP for smartphones. This project aims to create a narrative-gaming community and enable co-creation of the 0N1VERSE.

IMCMPLX created 100 attributes using hand-drawn characters for the NFT collection. 0N1 Force’s universe, the Ethereal Enclave, requires a strong spirit, style, and strength to survive.

The story revolves around a universe that is depicted as a tranquil realm that offers immortality. However, turmoil arises when the ruler of the kingdom passes away. 

This leads to the 0N1 Force being left with only 7,777 hours to struggle for their existence.

0N1 Force’s target audience resonated with this narrative. In just five minutes after launching, the collection sold out.

What is the reason for the project’s failure?

Although the project clearly aims to build community, it seems to be failing. Exactly why, then? According to Twitter, the five main reasons for the project’s failure are as follows:

They don’t value their community

@KilburnKingNFT reported that when expressing their concerns in the 0N1 discord group, they were informed that holders of the project were not considered investors, but rather just collectors with no additional significance. 

Upon hearing this, red flags were raised and this kind of behavior is highly detrimental, particularly since the 0N1 Force project had previously marketed itself as being focused on community support.

The lack of vision

The success of a project relies heavily on the team’s ability to effectively execute their vision. The team behind this project promised NFT holders various perks, including access to a collaborative RPG within the 0N1verse and merchandise, which were to be accessible through the official website and Discord. 

However, it appears that these promises have not been fulfilled to their entirety. While some merchandise was delivered to NFT holders, the promised RPG and other perks have not been provided.

Insufficient motivation

According to a tweet by @KilburnKingNFT, the team behind the project had an excessive amount of funds which led to a decrease in motivation. 

Instead of using the funds to build and develop for their investors, the team allegedly spent it on luxuries such as parties and cars. 

The tweet suggests that the team failed to prioritize the needs of their investors.

Pulling rugs

Twitter users are claiming that the 0N1 Force team has engaged in a practice known as “rug pulling.” Allegedly, individuals within the team were aware of this activity, and instead of taking responsibility, they are defending the team’s actions.

The future looks bleak

The CEO of 0N1 Force has stepped down, leaving the company without a leader capable of steering the project towards its full potential. 

Additionally, 0N1 Force failed to acknowledge any mistakes, causing investors in the company’s NFTs to lose faith in the project.

“The 0N1 Force project holds a significant amount of potential due to its unique lo-fi artwork, intricate design of each NFT, compelling narrative, and dedicated community. To fully realize this potential, it is crucial that the 0N1 Force team effectively engages and values the input of its community members in order to prevent any unforeseen decline.”

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