The Unique Anime Crypto Project: How to Buy Catgirl Coin

How does combining crypto with anime work? It’s true that quite a few projects do that. Only a few stand out and deserve attention. You will learn how to buy and how to sell the Catgirl coin.

However, it’s important that you know we will be using crypto slang. In this regard, we recommend reading our article, “Crypto For Beginners”. It provides insight into the crypto market and establishes a great knowledge foundation.

Despite other similarities, Catgirl is unique among anime-themed cryptocurrency ventures because it has practical uses. This makes it an appealing choice. Additionally, the proposed future developments for the project appear very encouraging

In the sections that follow, we will delve into a variety of topics related to Catgirl, including an examination of its tokenomics, historical background, and price analysis.

We will also cover other important details that will help to gain a complete understanding of the project.

Over the past seven days, the value of Catgirl (CATGIRL) has remained relatively stable, with its price hovering around $0.000000000516. The total number of CATGIRL tokens in circulation is 33 trillion.

As a result, the total market capitalization, which is the total value of all the tokens in circulation, has increased to approximately $17.48 million.

It’s worth noting that the numbers you’ve provided is not realistic, prices and other crypto assets parameters (circulation supply, Marketcap) are subject to change rapidly and constantly.

Also, the number provided for the circulation supply is extremely high and unrealistic.

Summary of How To Buy Catgirl

You can own Catgirl by following these steps:

  1. Set up an account with MetaMask.
  2. MetaMask should be configured to connect to the mainnet of Smart Chain.
  3. BNB should be purchased.
  4. CATGIRL should be substituted for BNB.

Our dedicated section below contains a comprehensive guide on how to buy Catgirl coins.

Catgirl Coin: What It Is & What It Does

While some may view Catgirl Coin ($CATGIRL) as a meme-based project, it is in fact an anime-inspired initiative that aims to bridge the gap between the anime community and the world of cryptocurrency.

It is important to note that you do not have to be a fan of anime in order to take an interest in the project and its underlying technology.

The Catgirl Network is a community-driven project utilizing NFTs and the $CATGIRL token. Upon visiting the main website, you will find an NFT game in progress, though it is currently incomplete.

As of now, users can collect various types of Catgirls and customize them with different outfits and hairstyles.

A “Build-A-Catgirl” simulator might not be a bad way to describe it.

We will explain how to stake and farm $CATGIRL coins once you purchase them or purchase a specific Catgirl character.

In order to stake $CATGIRL, you need to use the $CATGIRL/$BNB pair, which is the only way to earn $PAW. The $PAW token can be used to buy different NFTs within the ecosystem.

Purchasing a “Rare Season Catgirl” will enable you to farm. You will be earning different rewards depending on how long you choose to farm (locking your asset).

In addition to this, the “Nekofuse” is also included (Neko is the Japanese word for cat). The purpose of this is to give you a higher quality catgirl by fusing rare items and catgirls.

Catgirl’s ecosystem is looking to expand, and it’s taking its responsibilities seriously. Memecoins are nothing like this – not even close. Additionally, developers plan to add a Raffle feature and an NFT marketplace soon.

The Tokenomics of $CATGIRL will be explored in the following paragraphs.


The tokenomics functions that $CATGIRL holds, aside from the ones mentioned above, are broken down into three groups. There are three types of fees: Reflection, Auto Liquidity, and Marketing Fee.

Tokens have used reflection to encourage long-term holding to incentivize long-term holding. You will receive a 1% reflection if you own $CATGIRL. Your share of every transaction will be 1%, so the more the project grows, the more you’ll accumulate.

3% Auto Liquidity is the next one. As a result, 3% of all transactions that fall into the liquidity pool are redirected and alternately given to the farming pool and to the liquidity pool, depending on which is prioritized at that time.

The final step is to set aside 1% of each transaction for the marketing and development budget. This will ensure that there are sufficient funds for marketing efforts and future updates.

As a result, it will become easier for people to purchase Catgirl coins in the future.


It was estimated that there would be 32,638,600 billion dollars in initial supply of $CATGIRL. Deflationary tokens had 50% of their supply burned to make them deflationary. In addition, it is burning the remaining 50% of unowned shares.

The History Of Catgirl Coins

The Catgirl digital currency was launched in June 2021 by a group of anonymous founders. Their identities are currently undisclosed, however, you can find their official Telegram account by visiting the website and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Initially, we have a team member using the alias of Ember. Ember acts as the primary/main developer for the project and brings over a decade of experience in the software field.

The next team member is Chai, who is the creative lead for the Catgirl project. Chai possesses over 9 years of expertise in graphic design and four years in web development.

The individual responsible for creating content and heading marketing for the Catgirl project goes by the name of Mocha.

They are responsible for managing all social media and creating content for campaigns. Additionally, this person has experience with designing and creating characters, as well as expertise in search engine optimization and advertising.

In summary, the team includes a member named Peach who has extensive experience in the field of software development, with more than 8 years of experience under their belt.

They are currently working on the backend aspect of a project called Catgirl, and little other information is available.

Analyses of prices & ATHs

It is significant to pay attention to the changes in value that $CATGIRL, which is relatively new, has undergone when making a decision about investing in it as a cryptocurrency.

By reviewing its price performance, you can gain a more realistic understanding of its performance over time.

It is important to note that currently, there are a number of global conflicts that are having an impact on the cryptocurrency market. However, it is still possible to gauge the performance of $CATGIRL by comparing it to the movements of other cryptocurrencies.

Before we discuss how to buy Catgirl coin, let’s take a look at $CATGIRL’s performance since launch.


As of June 2021, there was little volatility since its launch. At times, the daily volume exceeded $1 million. It was difficult to move the price above 10% in either direction most of the time since the initial price of $0.000000000695.

Reddit and Twitter started trending about the project at the beginning of November, causing things to drastically change. It reached $0.00000016 as its ATH price evaluation at that point.

The “memecoin” sparked a flurry of activity in communities. Nevertheless, people immediately began selling it once they realized it may be a fad.

$CATGIRL then began its bearish phase, finishing the year with an evaluation of $0.0000000026, a number higher than the previous ATH.


Global conflicts, like the one in Eastern Europe, are currently causing a significant dip in the crypto industry, as you probably know.

This has a significant impact on many tokens. $CATGIRL is included in this. Tokens have been in a bearish phase since the beginning of the year.

$CATGIRL is currently trading at around $0.0000000015.

Is Catgirl capable of reaching $1?

Almost impossible, is the short answer. Is $CATGIRL capable of reaching 1 cent? An analytical answer can be provided. To raise $0.0000000015 by 10,000,000 times, we would need it to go up 10,000,000x. It seems impossible yet again.

What is the truth, however? The project’s growth and the supply burn are contributing to its potential to reach 1 cent.

Nonetheless, it must be a success within the community, enter the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap, and be useful to users.

The anime NFT online game must become the most popular. Time will tell whether it happens, regardless of how slim the chances are. The next question is, why should we buy Catgirl Coin?

Why Should You Invest in Catgirl Coin

The Catgirl project is definitely unique and targets a specific group of people. The first step is a good one. In spite of this, how is it possible for an ecosystem that targets such a small group to be successful? Marketing is the answer.

Crypto-related games, NFTs, and so on are always in high demand. In addition to all of these things, anime themes are used in this project.

As people realize the potential of the project, adoption rates will naturally rise. You will make passive income at this point if you have already invested in $CATGIRL through the “reflection” feature. We can further increase your token accumulation by adding staking and farming features.

Owners will be incentivized to hold for longer periods.

The Catgirl project can definitely grow in evaluation again if it continues to develop and expand as planned.

The $CATGIRL is definitely an investment that can yield great long-term benefits, but you may want to wait until then if you want to be a pioneer.

A Comprehensive Guide – How To Buy Catgirl

TAT:15 minutes.

Let’s take a look at how to buy $CATGIRL in this section. Crypto exchanges do not offer it since it is not a big cryptocurrency. Currently, it can only be purchased by trading USDT, BNB, or other popular tokens for it.

You can own $CATGIRL by following the steps below.

  • Set up an account with MetaMask.

Creating a MetaMask wallet is a simple process. Go to the official website, locate the green “Get MetaMask” button and click on it. You will then be asked to provide your email address and select a password.

After you complete these steps, you will be guided through the process of downloading and installing the app. In a short amount of time, you will have a personalized wallet account where you can safely store your $CATGIRL assets.

  • MetaMask should be set up on the Smart Chain mainnet.

To connect your MetaMask account to the Binance Smart Chain, open the MetaMask wallet, click the cogwheel(Settings) , navigate to the “Network” option and click on it.

From there, you will need to choose the Smart Chain network and click “Add Network” to set it up. This will allow you to access the smart chain with your MetaMask wallet and interact with smart contracts on it.

  • You can buy BNB.

It is possible to purchase BNB on any major cryptocurrency exchange, such as Binance (since BNB is the native token of Binance). The amount of BNB required to purchase Catgirl coins will have to be calculated.

After this has been completed, you will need to transfer your BNB to your MetaMask wallet.

  • Change BNB for CATGIRL.

To convert BNB to CATGIRL, go to the Catgirl Swap website and select BNB as the top currency and CATGIRL as the bottom currency.

Connect your MetaMask wallet to the decentralized exchange (DEX), enter the amount of BNB you want to convert, confirm the transaction, and you will be the owner of CATGIRL.

Note: That the website suggests setting a slippage of 5%.

Catgirl Wallets To Hold

You now have an ownership stake in $CATGIRL, so let’s talk about some external crypto wallets.

  1. Metamask – An Ethereum wallet that is extremely popular. With high security and ease of integration, it is a perfect fit for Binance Smart Chain. Users will also find it to be one of the most secure.
  2. Trust Wallet – The Trust Wallet is an Android and iOS-compatible mobile wallet. User-friendly and intuitive. For storage, Catgirl recommends using MetaMask with this wallet.
  3. Coinbase Wallet – Another great crypto wallet option for beginners. Easy-to-use user interface. In addition to being safe and secure, it’s part of the Coinbase ecosystem.
  4. Ledger Nano – Popular hardware wallet. Due to its offline storage, it offers great security. The tokens can be accessed without the internet at any time. These wallets, however, are not free, unlike the rest.

$CATGIRL can be stored in a variety of ways. Although there are many wallets on the market, we believe these are the most popular and easiest to use. Their safety is also unquestionable.


Overall, the Catgirl project appears promising and has a bright future in its specific market. The game itself appears to be positive and may attract even more interest when it is released. However, the development team will need to make improvements, such as expanding their team and working to get the game listed on online markets.

Currently, the only way to obtain Catgirl tokens is by trading them for another cryptocurrency, which can be seen as an inconvenience for many individuals who are new to the world of cryptocurrency. As there are a plethora of other options available on other centralized exchanges, it could make it less likely that individuals will choose to trade for Catgirl tokens.

The NFT-anime-game project, however, has a lot of promise if you can look past it. Future developments will certainly be discussed more.

It’s definitely on our list to keep an eye on Catgirl. We have a number of other crypto articles you can check out in the meantime.

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