Using to transfer AVAX, BNB, ETH to Metamask is presently one of the foremost centralized crypto exchanges. Having attracted more than 10 million users to date. It is highly recommended by many in the crypto universe. Particularly for those who are starting out.

For individuals recently introduced to the cryptocurrency world, having their assets on exchanges like is generally recommended. However, those with some experience may suggest taking a portion of their digital currency investments and storing them in non-custodial wallets or hardware wallets for enhanced security and greater control.

One of the most popular non-custodial crypto wallets is Metamask. It has an uncomplicated UI, strong security, and most significantly. Presents you with a recovery/seed phrase for your wallet(s) which gives you full autonomy over your crypto investments.

The Quick Guide To Sending From To Metamask

  • Start Metamask and enter your password for the account.
  • By clicking the 3-dot icon, choose [Account information].
  • Next, select the Copy icon to copy the address of your Metamask wallet.
  • Enter your passcode after starting the mobile app.
  • Select [Withdraw] after tapping on “Transfer.”
  • Choose “Crypto” as your next withdrawal choice.
  • Add your Metamask wallet address after choosing [External Wallet].
  • After completing the 2FA, tap [Continue].
  • Enter the desired withdrawal amount and then click [Withdraw].

Moving Cryptocurrency From to Metamask: How to Do It (Step By Step Guide)

There are numerous motivations to move assets from your wallet to Metamask. Such as buying NFTs on Opensea by means of Metamask, 

Having more authority over your funds given that Metamask furnishes the recuperation expression of your wallet, trading on decentralized exchanges, and the sky’s the limit from there.

Obtain your Metamask wallet address from the Metamask extension or mobile app in order to move funds from to Metamask.

Once you have the wallet address of the cryptocurrency that you wish to send, you can open the application or go on to an exchange website and transfer the precise amount of the precise crypto to that wallet address. 

Therefore, it is effortless to transfer crypto from to Metamask.

This guide will demonstrate how to move BNB, AVAX, ETH, BEP-20 (BSC) tokens, ERC-20 tokens, and more from to Metamask. The same steps will apply to transfer any of the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies supported by Metamask from

Step 1: Launch Metamask and input the account’s password.

Activate Metamask by pressing the Metamask emblem in the extensions part of your web browser. After the Metamask has completely opened, input your account password and press [Unlock] to open the wallet.

Step 2: Binance Smart Chain should be selected as the default network.

Make sure that you have chosen and added the Binance Smart Chain network to your Metamask wallet and set it as the default network if you want to transfer BNB from to Metamask.

For instructions on how to integrate the Binance Smart Chain Network with your Metamask wallet, refer to this guide on adding BSC to Metamask. 

To do this, simply go to the Metamask dashboard and swap over from [Ethereum Mainnet] to [Binance Smart Chain].

If you plan to transfer ETH or any other ERC-20 tokens from to Metamask, there is no need to complete this process because Metamask automatically uses the Ethereum mainnet.

To send a token that is not an ERC-20 to Metamask (e.g. BNB, BEP-20 tokens, Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC), etc.), you must first add the relevant RPC of the token’s network to Metamask. Once it is added, make sure it is set as the default network, and then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Select [Account details] from the pop-up menu by clicking the 3-dot icon.

Click on the 3 vertical dots icon and then select [Account details] from the pop-up options.

Step 3: To copy your Metamask wallet address, click the Copy icon.

Click on the Copy icon to take the Metamask wallet address and put it in the clipboard.

Step 4: The app will launch after you input your passcode.

The mobile application can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices. It is straightforward to download and install from the respective app store.

Go to your mobile device’s app center/tray, tap the logo, and launch the app. Once it is open, input your passcode to access it.

Users using PCs, Macs, and Linux can access their accounts via the exchange dashboard.. To gain direct access, simply use this link in your browser.

Step 5: Select [Withdraw] after tapping on “Transfer.”

Tap on [Transfer] on the mobile app homepage and then select [Withdraw] from the bottom dialog, as shown in the screenshot.

Step 6: Choose [Crypto] as your method of withdrawal. will prompt you to choose the kind of money you want to take out.

Choose [Crypto] for the withdrawal method since we are attempting to transfer a cryptocurrency from the exchange to a crypto wallet (Metamask in this instance).

Step 7: Select [External Wallet] to receive transferred crypto.

Choose “External Wallet” from the options provided by when deciding where to send the cryptocurrency, since Metamask is an “external wallet”.

Step 8: The withdrawal whitelist should now include your Metamask wallet address.

In order to transfer cryptocurrency from to an outside wallet, you must first add the address of the external wallet to the withdrawal whitelist of your account prior to completing the withdrawal.

To include your Metamask wallet address on the withdrawal whitelist, select [Add Wallet Address].

Look for the cryptocurrency you wish to transfer and choose the right option from the available search results.

For this tutorial, we will be looking for BNB and then selecting “Binance Coin” from the search results when transferring BNB (BEP20) from to Metamask.

Choose “BSC” as the network in the “SELECT NETWORK” drop-down box. Then, paste the Metamask wallet address that you copied earlier, and give it a name.

Finally, press ‘Continue’ to add the wallet address to the approved list of cash-outs.

Note:  If you haven’t already done so, you will need to activate 2-factor authentication (2FA). In the event that you already have 2FA enabled, you will need to supply the authentication code before the wallet can be added to your authorized withdrawal list.

If you are transferring ETH from to Metamask, make sure to choose “ERC20” as the network and not BSC.

Step 9: Tap [Withdraw] after entering the desired withdrawal amount.

Navigate to the “Wallet Address” section of your account, and click [Withdraw] next to the previously added Metamask wallet address to complete the withdrawal whitelist process.

Enter the USD value of the cryptocurrency you want to move, and you can include a comment (optional). After that, press the [Withdraw] button and finish the two-step authentication to transfer from to your MetaMask wallet.

When transferring cryptocurrency from to Metamask, how long does it take?

Transferring a digital currency from to Metamask usually requires 3 to 15 minutes.

The rate of transactions can vary, depending on the blockchain’s current network speeds. Some may be completed quickly while others may take more time to be visible in your Metamask wallet.

Transactions on the Litecoin, BSC and Tron blockchains are almost instantaneous, whereas transactions on the Ethereum mainnet can take longer to finish due to the higher volume of users.

What Is The Cost Of Transferring Crypto From To Metamask? exchange will incur a fee when you transfer cryptocurrency from your account to another cryptocurrency exchange or an external crypto wallet.

The fees associated with withdrawing a particular coin/token from Exchange are determined by the type of coin/token and have a fixed charge and minimum withdrawal amount. An up-to-date list of all withdrawal fees can be found here.

Final Thought

Moving digital currencies from an exchange to a different marketplace or an external wallet may be a chore, particularly for users who are new to the crypto world and don’t grasp how it functions.

Fortunately, is an intuitive platform making it stress-free for customers to shift crypto from their account to a Metamask wallet.

To transfer crypto, firstly you need to get the accurate wallet address of the crypto, then access the mobile app or website and add the wallet address to your permitted list of withdrawals. 

After the wallet address has been accepted, you can then conveniently move the crypto to that address.

If you were looking into how to move a certain cryptocurrency from to Metamask, we hope that this step-by-step guide assisted you in your search.


Q1: What is

Ans: is a digital financial services platform that allows users to securely buy, sell, store, and transfer digital assets.

Q2: How do I transfer AVAX, BNB, and ETH to Metamask using

Ans: To transfer AVAX, BNB, and ETH to Metamask using, you will need to create a account and then select the “Send” option in the Account Overview. Enter the token address of the Metamask wallet you wish to send to, select the type of token you want to send, and the amount you want to send. Finally, you will need to enter the amount of tokens to pay for the transaction fees. After submitting the transaction, it will be processed and the tokens will be sent to the Metamask wallet.

Q3: How long does it take for transactions to be completed?

Ans: transactions are usually completed within a few minutes. However, depending on the network congestion, the time may vary.

Q4: Are there any fees associated with using to transfer AVAX, BNB, ETH to Metamask?

Ans: Yes, the platform charges a nominal transaction fee for all transfers.

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