We Got Scammed With COTPS Update Below

As of right now, this project is no longer in the COTPS business. During this past week, it has proven impossible to use our withdrawals, as the supposed bug that was left by our SMS verification system has resulted in the loss of all our funds. I’m going to keep this site online just to give notice that it is no longer available.

In my last piece, COTPS: How To Get Your Money Safely, I explained how Cryptos OTC lets you safely explore crypto arbitrage trading without needing to learn a lot.

All you have to do is go to COTPS and create a free account with your telephone number and password. My article has more details on the procedure.

I’ll go over step-by-step instructions for making your first trades in this article.

Go Off Then! Make Me an Arbitrageur

You have joined COTPS, made your first USDT/TRX deposit, and now you are ready to start making some money.

It should appear on your screen. If not, select “Mine” by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. To start trading, click the ‘Transaction Hall’ icon.

The Transaction Hall Screen is Shown Here

It will display your current wallet balance as well as information about any previous trades you may have made

The First Trade You Make

First Trade You Make

COTPS will find your first trade opportunity when you click on the ‘Immediate Competition for Orders’ bar.

You might know where the trade is taking place if you know the flags. In this case, it’s Laos.

You could be in any part of the world, but I’m going to guess that most projects are based in Asian countries too because it has a US address as well.

The certifiable service provider is the standard party at the other side of the trade being traded, the used or purchased thing, or the party that is providing the goods or services.

The “Certified service provider” is presumably the individual, robot, or entity on the other side of the transaction, purchasing or selling the item we are trading.

At this point, you have the option to back out and find another trade, but since you are unable to determine whether you might be able to get a better deal, you might as well trust the process.

You’ll get a confirmation screen as shown on the right, above, after clicking the Sell button. The revenue figure evidenced by USDT, therefore, is around 39 cents. 

Yes, this is rather insignificant, but when it comes to arbitrage trading, it’s not as much about the profit per trade as the frequency with which you make the trades.

You’ll return to the Transaction Hall view after clicking “Confirm.”


As you can see, I still have 273 total assets, but 131 of them are listed as being “in the transaction,” leaving me with 142.251 USDT in the available balance.

COTPS finds the following trade when you click the “Immediate Competition for Trades” bar once more.

This time the flag is Egyptian and it has used 85 USD of my available balance. You can see that my available balance has dropped to 57.251 after clicking “Sell” and “Confirm,” and 216 USDT is currently being traded.

Repeat the process a few more times, and you’ll see a decrease in your available balance every time until it falls below 5 USDT. If you click the bar one more time, COTPS will display the message that your balance is insufficient.


Your first cycle comes to an end at that point. You now have two options while you wait:

  1. Keep an eye on your screen until one of the transactions completes, clearing some space from your balance so you can begin a new trade.
  2. Or you could just leave for a little over two hours. All of the trades will be finished when you return. You can restart after receiving your initial balance back and any profits generated by your trades.

I have no idea why, but it always takes a little over two hours. In actuality, between 120 and 130 minutes. Every time.

After a total of about 20 to 30 trades, if you repeat that cycle every couple of hours, you’ll end up with between 1 and 2% profit per day.

This Is The Manual Procedure

You will need a computer that doesn’t sleep and an automation script if you want to automate COTPS so that you can trade around the clock without having to keep clicking.

If you sign up using my referral link, I’ll be happy to send you the script and setup instructions. Simply comment with your COTPS username and send me a message. You will have to provide your own computer.


The COTPS scam is a cautionary tale for those looking to start their own business. The important lesson here is that you should always do your research and trust your gut when it comes to any venture. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of starting something new, but if something doesn’t feel right then. It’s best to walk away While we were ultimately scammed by COTPS, we are grateful that we didn’t suffer any. There are serious financial losses due to their fraudulent activities. 

We are thankful for the update provided which enabled us to recognize the warning signs of a potential scam and move on from this experience unscathed. Moving forward, we will be more vigilant in our research and ensure that all of our business dealings are with reputable companies. and now about How to Stake a Hector Dao for 20000% APY

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