What Are The Steps To Transfer Crypto.com Coin To Metamask (AVAX, BNB, ETH)?

Crypto.com is currently one of the most prominent centralized crypto exchanges, with more than 10 million registered users and growing. It is widely regarded as one of the best exchanges in the crypto world, especially for novices.

For inexperienced crypto traders, exchanges like crypto.com are sufficient; however, those with more knowledge typically advise storing at least some of their digital assets in non-custodial wallets or hardware wallets for increased control and security.

Metamask is a popular choice for non-custodial crypto wallets due to its user-friendly interface, robust security, and the ability to provide you with a recovery/seed phrase for your wallet(s). This gives you full control over your cryptocurrency assets.

If you want to move some or all of your cryptocurrency from Crypto.com to Metamask, this guide will show you how to do it quickly and easily. We’ll explain how to transfer your crypto assets from Crypto.com to Metamask.

Instructions for Sending From Crypto.com to Metamask (Quick Guide)

  • Start Metamask and enter your password for the account.
  • Select [Account details] by clicking on the 3-dot icon.
  • Then, to copy your Metamask wallet address, click the Copy icon.
  • Enter your passcode after starting the Crypto.com mobile app.
  • In the [Transfer] menu, choose [Withdraw].
  • Next, choose “Crypto” as your method of withdrawal.
  • Add your Metamask wallet address after choosing [External Wallet].
  • After completing the 2FA, tap [Continue].
  • Tap [Withdraw] after entering the desired withdrawal amount.

How to Move Cryptocurrency From Crypto.com to Metamask (Step By Step Guide)

You might want to move funds from your Crypto.com account to Metamask for various purposes, such as buying NFTs on Opensea with Metamask, gaining greater power over your funds due to Metamask’s recovery phrase feature, trading on decentralized exchanges, and more.

To transfer from Crypto.com to Metamask, you need to first obtain the Metamask wallet address from the Metamask extension or mobile app.

Using the Crypto.com app or exchange website, you can initiate a transfer of the specified amount of the desired cryptocurrency to the wallet address you have obtained.

The simple withdrawal process from Crypto.com to Metamask is described here.

In this guide, we will be demonstrating the process of moving BNB from Crypto.com to Metamask. It should be noted that the same instructions also apply to any other crypto supported by Metamask that is held in a Crypto.com wallet, such as AVAX, ETH, BEP-20 (BSC) tokens, ERC-20 tokens, etc.

Step 1: Start Metamask and enter your password for the account.

Activate the Metamask plugin by tapping the Metamask symbol in the addons part of your web browser. After the Metamask is completely opened, enter your account security code and select [Unlock] to open the wallet.

Step 2: Set the default network to Binance Smart Chain.

To ensure you are able to receive BNB from Crypto.com to Metamask, make sure to add and select the Binance Smart Chain network as the default network on your Metamask wallet. 

To do this, refer to the guide on how to add the BSC to Metamask. 

Once you have done this, go to the Metamask dashboard, select [Ethereum Mainnet] and switch it to [Binance Smart Chain].

If you are looking to transfer ETH or any other ERC-20 tokens from your Crypto.com account to Metamask, then you don’t have to worry as the Ethereum mainnet is Metamask’s default selection.

To send any non-ERC-20 token (e.g., BNB, BEP-20 tokens, Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC), etc.) to Metamask, you must first add the RPC of that token’s network to Metamask. After that, make sure it is set as the default network, and then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: On the pop-up menu, click the three dots icon and choose [Account details].

Select the three dots icon, then choose the option “Account details” from the pop-up list.

Step 4: To copy the address from your Metamask wallet, click the Copy icon.

Press the Copy icon to copy your Metamask wallet address to your clipboard.

Step 5: The Crypto.com app will launch after you input your passcode.

The Crypto.com mobile app is accessible on both Android and iOS platforms and is easy to download and install from the relevant store for your device. 

To open the app, locate the Crypto.com logo and tap to launch it, then enter your passcode to unlock it.

Alternatively, for PC/Mac/Linux users, you can access your Crypto.com account through the Crypto.com exchange dashboard which is accessible on your internet browser at this link.

Step 6: Select [Withdraw] after tapping on “Transfer.”

Tap on the [Transfer] option located on the main page of the Crypto.com mobile application. Then, select the [Withdraw] option at the bottom of the dialog box as depicted in the screenshot.

Step 7: Choose [Crypto] as your method of withdrawal.

Crypto.com will request that you choose the kind of money you would like to take out.

Choose [Crypto] as the withdrawal method if we are trying to transfer a cryptocurrency from the Crypto.com exchange to a crypto wallet (e.g., Metamask).

Step 8: Choose [External Wallet] as the location for the transferred cryptocurrency.

Choose the “External Wallet” option when transferring crypto, as this is what you need to do to move funds to Metamask, an “external wallet”.

Step 9: To the withdrawal whitelist, add your Metamask wallet address.

In order to transfer cryptocurrency from Crypto.com to an external wallet, you must first add the wallet address of the external wallet to the withdrawal whitelist of your account prior to going ahead with the withdrawal.

Click on [Add Wallet Address] to add your Metamask wallet to the withdrawal whitelist.

Look for the cryptocurrency you want to move to and choose the right option from the outcomes of the search.

For this tutorial, we will be looking for BNB and choosing “Binance Coin” from the results when searching. This is for transferring BNB (BEP20) from Crypto.com to Metamask.

In the “SELECT NETWORK” section, choose BSC. After that, paste the wallet address you obtained from Metamask and enter a wallet name.

Finally, press [Continue] to include the wallet address to your list of approved withdrawals.

Note:  If you haven’t already done so, you will have to activate 2-factor authentication (2FA). If you have 2FA enabled, you will need to provide the authentication code in order for the wallet to be added to your withdrawal whitelist.

If you’re transferring ETH from Crypto.com to Metamask, it is recommended to select “ERC20” as the network instead of BSC.

Step 10: Enter the desired withdrawal amount and then select [Withdraw].

Once you have successfully added your Metamask wallet address to the withdrawal whitelist of your Crypto.com account, go to the “Wallet Address” section and select [Withdraw] next to the wallet address that you just added.

Input the USD amount of cryptocurrency you’d like to move, add an optional note, then press the [Withdraw] button and finish the two-factor authentication process to transfer crypto from Crypto.com to your Metamask wallet.

When transferring cryptocurrency from Crypto.com to Metamask, how long does it take?

Transferring any crypto from Crypto.com to Metamask usually requires a period of 3 to 15 minutes.

Certain trades can be executed quickly and others may require more time to appear in your Metamask wallet, which depends on the running speed of the blockchain utilized for the transaction. 

For instance, transfers on the Litecoin, BSC, and Tron networks are almost instantaneous, while those on the Ethereum main network might take longer since Ethereum has a larger volume of traffic/users.

What Is The Price Of A Crypto Transfer From Crypto.com To Metamask?

Crypto.com exchange levies certain fees when transferring crypto from your account to a different crypto trading platform or an outside crypto wallet.

The amount of fees charged is based on the type of coin/token you are withdrawing, and all coins available on the Crypto.com exchange have a set fee and minimum amount you can withdraw. An up-to-date list of all withdrawal fees associated with each coin/token can be found here.

Final Thought

Moving cryptocurrencies from one exchange to another exchange or an outside wallet can be a challenge, particularly for people who are novices in crypto and have yet to grasp how it all works. 

Fortunately, Crypto.com is an accessible platform, and transferring crypto from your account to a Metamask wallet is a straightforward and effortless experience.

To transfer cryptocurrency, first, acquire the appropriate wallet address, then open the Crypto.com app or website and add the wallet address to your withdrawal list. After the address has been registered, you can effortlessly transfer crypto to that address.

If you were searching for a way to transfer a particular cryptocurrency from Crypto.com to Metamask, this step-by-step guide may have been helpful. We hope that you found what you were looking for.


Q1. What is Transfer Crypto.com Coin?

A1. Transfer Crypto.com Coin is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows you to trade, store, and transfer digital currencies, including AVAX, BNB, and ETH.

Q2. How do I transfer Crypto.com Coin to Metamask?

A2. You can transfer Crypto.com Coin to Metamask by signing into your account on the Transfer Crypto.com website, selecting “Send Crypto”, and then selecting “Metamask” as your destination wallet.

Q3. What currencies can I transfer from Crypto.com Coin to Metamask?

A3. Crypto.com Coin offers the ability to transfer AVAX, BNB, and ETH to Metamask.

Q4. Is there a minimum amount of cryptocurrency I need to transfer?

A4. Yes, there is a minimum amount of cryptocurrency you need to transfer from Crypto.com Coin to Metamask. The minimum amount is 0.1 AVAX, 0.01 BNB, and 0.001 ETH.

Q5. Is there a fee for transferring crypto from Crypto.com Coin to Metamask?

A5. Yes, there is a fee for transferring crypto from Crypto.com Coin to Metamask. The fee varies depending on the currency you are transferring, the amount you are transferring, and the network fees.

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