What is the best way to sell MNEB tokens?

By reading the article “How to buy and trade MNEB tokens” in Adaas Investment Magazine. You can gain knowledge about the MNEB tokens. Including how to trade it. This article can provide you with the basic information you need to understand this subject.

Presenting MNEB Token

MNEB is a crypto-token developed in accordance with the BEP-20 standard of the Binance blockchain. It presents itself as a smart contract with the capability to be mined by its own smart contract. Which is referred to as Self-Mining.

How can I sell or buy MNEB tokens? (ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES!)

The MNEB tokens can be divided into three categories: Level 1. And Level 2. Level 3 each has distinct characteristics.

Level 1 MNEB Tokens

The tokens distributed in the Minereum airdrop are the same tokens that can be seen in wallets. The only way to sell these assets is through the Minereum website exchange.

Only the tokens with a price offered by the system can be traded. they cannot be exchanged on decentralized platforms such as Pancakeswap or transferred to the internal wallet of Hotbit Exchange.

If you have tokens based on Bep20 or Binance Smart Chain. Go to the official website of Minereum cryptocurrency i.e. https://bsc.minereum.com/. Scroll down to the ‘BSC Exchanges’ section and select the ‘Minereum DEX’ option. Then connect your wallet using the ‘Connect Wallet’ option.

Once you have logged into Minereum DEX. select ‘My Address’ from the left toolbar. In this section. You will be able to view the ‘Set Genesis Address For Sale’ option. Which shows the price for your wallet’s assets as determined by the system. 

Should you accept the potential risks associated with this transaction? You may then select the ‘Set For Sale’ option to invoke the relevant smart contract. 

Upon verifying that you are certain of this transaction. You can proceed to pay the fee specified.

Level 2 & 3 MNEB Tokens

Level 2 and 3 tokens have been enhanced to allow for the transfer of funds to other addresses. Self-mining. And the ability to buy and sell at any cost.

We advise that you peruse all the related data concerning the MNEB token through the provided link to access the extra information segment on the official website of this project.

And We will market this cryptocurrency similarly to other tokens based on the Binance blockchain – by replicating the smart contract as illustrated.

We access the PancakeSwap exchange. Connecting our wallet (with BNB cryptocurrency). And in the Add Token section. We place a smart contract to include an MNEB token. Lastly. A transaction is done to either buy or sell MNEB tokens.

Do you think the MNEB token is a scam?

Much has been reported about the deceptive tactics of this venture. Specifically with regard to their airdrops. To discover further details on this project and its scam approach. Readers may consult the article published on the Binance website.

MNEB Disclaimer

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final words

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Q1: How To Sell MNEB Tokens?

A1: MNEB tokens are available for sale on the Minereum BSC platform. You can purchase them by creating a wallet. Depositing funds. And then exchanging them for MNEB tokens.

Q2: Is Minereum BSC Scam? 

A2: No. Minereum BSC is a legitimate platform and is supervised by the Minereum Founders. All transactions are subject to the terms and conditions of the platform.

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