Yam Karkai Is The Spokesperson For The World of Women NFT Project

Any crypto enthusiast has to be familiar With Yam Karkai, right? 

Additionally, there is a lot to learn and understand about the crypto space if one hasn’t heard of the World of Women(WOW) NFT project. The WOW project is listed as the 21st best NFT of all time on Opensea, I mean come on. 

What happens when the aesthetics of culture and the beauty of women come together is the project that has everyone’s attention. The fact that this project has a number of long-term philanthropic objectives, however, is even more impressive (wow, isn’t that right?).

Digital illustrator and NFT artist Yam Karkai strives to include more women in the mainstream NFT scene with her women-focused works. Additionally, she touches on specific facets of women’s lives in her writing. 

Growing up between Europe and the Middle East was like growing up between two very different worlds, two very different societies, and two very different cultures, and Yam’s creative endeavors reflect this.

Although she had always been a creative child, the idea of using her artistic abilities for a living never occurred to her.

Nevertheless, she held jobs as a waitress, a scriptwriter, and even a legal document translator prior to entering the field of digital arts. 

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Before Entering The Cryptocurrency Industry, she was employed at Google Ads Quality.

She finally co-founded the World of Women NFT project in May 2021 with BBA, Raphael Malavieille, and Toomaie after choosing to pursue digital arts as a career.

10,000 randomly generated digital collectibles of various rarities make up The World of Women NFT, which is housed on IPFS and exists on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. 

As the project’s name implies, it features a variety of interesting, stylish, and diverse women. 

With their distinctive facial features, vibrant pastel colors, eye colors, and hairstyles, the women are created as a composition of stunning, diverse women with pop aesthetics. 

Her works serve as visual representations of concepts like joy, female emancipation, self-confidence, and positivism. 

She draws a lot of inspiration from strong women, her Middle Eastern heritage, vibrant pastel colors, and the 1960s and 1970s art movements.

NFT Artwork by Her

Karkai wants to introduce and involves more women in the crypto industry through her NFTs. She acknowledges that prior to the introduction of NFTs, her financial situation was unstable.

Despite the fact that her NFTs primarily feature female portraits, they also contain untold stories.

NFT Collection: World of Women

Yam karkai
NFT Collection: World of Women

The artist used Procreate and Adobe Illustrator to create a universe of 10,000 distinct women, each with a variety of features drawn in her distinctive hand-drawn, vibrant style.

The NFT collection was developed with the intention of promoting diversity and inclusivity. People from all over the world contribute to it, resulting in art that appeals to people of all backgrounds because it feels authentic.

In the evolving NFT space, the project serves as a warm welcome for minorities and burgeoning female artists.

Yam’s imagined world has a distinct aura and a defining beauty that permeates all of her creations and consistently yields flawless artwork.

She blends vivid color combinations with gentle lines, a dash of fantasy, and playful color blending.

Snoop Dogg is the owner of Woman #7242, Woman #8570, and Woman #4045.

Hollywood icon Reese Witherspoon has purchased a number of World of Women NFTs, including Woman #526, Woman #6451, Woman #6403, Woman #8072, Woman #1467, and Woman #5059. 

Additionally, she is the ecstatic owner of Frost Rose and Late Night Chill from the World of Women Collabs, a seasonal collaboration between WOW and other artists.

In connection with that, WOW and renowned artist Alexa Meade recently worked together on her NFT, “With the Weight of the Melting Glaciers on our Shoulders.”

The co-founders of WOW have repeatedly emphasized the project’s multifaceted roadmap.

In response, the WOW community has given financial support to a number of causes that benefit women, including She’s the First, Rockflower Fund, Code to Inspire, Blankets of Hope, British Fashion Council Foundation, and Strange Cintia (a member of the community). 

Additionally, it aids Code Green in funding authenticated citizen-driven climate solutions.

The Kalamint Collection

The NFT Woman No 011, which was produced on the Tezos Blockchain, was only available on this platform in a single edition.

Women No 011

Yami Karkai

In this NFT, a woman is seen sitting contemplatively close to a salt lake. The calm of the salt lake transports one to a dimension of introspection, where one might look for the answers to life’s most difficult questions. 

Imagine leaving the emotional turmoil and entering a place of complete tranquility!

NFT Foundation Collection

This platform offers an exclusive ownership license for single copies of Woman n°006, Woman n°010, Woman n°012, Woman n°013, Woman n°016, and Woman n°017 for sale.

Queen of Lightning

The price for a woman n°017 was 18.555 ETH.

A strong, uninhibited woman waits for her chance in complete silence as she hides behind a gloomy grey cloud.

Although she exudes calm, there’s still a hint of surprise in the air around her, which gives her power. “…but when she rises, oh when she rises, you will hear her voice as she reclaims her spot,” the speaker continued.

The element’s carrier

For 15 ETH, woman n°016 was sold.

The four elements that make up this world—Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water—are evoked by this NFT. 

In her jewel-encrusted amulet, each of these components is represented as an essence.

She carries them so that she can create duplicates of herself that, like the fundamental components, shift, move, engage, and develop in concert with one another to achieve the proper level of equilibrium in the universe.

The Nut

Her collection, “Women by Yam: Females in the Spotlight,” includes this NFT. Priced at 13.50 ETH, it was sold.

The artist’s passion for mythology and the female deities of ancient cultures served as inspiration for this piece. As a result, it draws inspiration from the Egyptian goddess Nut, who represents the cosmos, the sky, astronomy, the universe. And the line separating chaos and order.

Her spacey-inspired hair has all the planets and stars tucked away inside it.

Sea Collection Open sea

On the Open Sea marketplace, Yam Karkai has a collection of NFTs called “The Women by Yam- Females in the. Spotlight.”

Introverted Tulip

This an illustration of an emotional, sensitive, and lovely tulip who prefers to remain alone. She is surrounded by thin, glass-like emotional barriers. So that she can stay safe in the wild world, she learns to be cautious when letting her guard down.

Two faces

Snoop Dogg personally paid 33 ETH to acquire Woman n°001.

A visual reminder of the predicament, which involved being in two states at once. The emotional duality is created by pairing two faces with complementary soft shapes and gentle colors.

The fire within you

Snoop Dogg himself paid 22 ETH to repurchase Woman n°015 from the auction.

Anubis and Matt weigh a deceased person’s heart against the feather of truth in an ancient Egyptian book that served. As the basis for this NFT. 

The fire symbolizes the fierce spark that lives inside each of us and we should channel it with virtue to fight for justice and the greater good.

Motifs and Fashion

The beautiful facial features, delicate lines, and soft pastel colors transport one to the fleeting 1960s and 1970s while still resonating with the powerful, ethereal voices of women.

With a modern twist, namely the use of gentle pastel colors, her work is reminiscent of 1960s Pop Art. She uses Middle Eastern jewelry, which Yam claims reminds her of her mother’s necklace from when she was a child. To express multicultural aesthetics.

Her multicultural background finds its way onto NFT canvases through her creativity. Despite being a combination of “subliminal mystery, realistic fantasy,” paradoxical yet strikingly similar, these are faces that one might actually. Encounter!

Through the use of women, the work promotes inclusivity, representativity, and diversity.

Yam Karkai offers a kaleidoscopic view of equal women representation in the field of NFT and tech through her art. Endeavor, shedding light on the potential diversity in a field previously thought to be male-centric.

A fresh aesthetic environment with muted colors and assertive voices, as well as diverse creativity and an upbeat future.


Who is the creator of World of Women NFT?

Yam Karkai

Together with her partner Raphael Malavielle, Yam Karkai founded World of Women. The two launched the World of Women Collection on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world, with little to. No prior experience in the cryptocurrency industry.

Who founded the World of Women NFT?

10,000 generative PFPs from the collectible NFT project World of Women were first made available on OpenSea. Co-founder and artist of World of Warcraft, Yam Karkai, created 200 hand-drawn visual assets.

How did NFT Rise to Fame?

With the release of CryptoKitties, a blockchain-based game that makes use of the Ethereum network, the trend of NFT development. Began to gain popularity The release of CryptoKitties, a blockchain-based game that utilizes the Ethereum network, sparked the trend of. NFT development gaining popularity.

In the virtual cat game Cryptokitties, users can breed, adopt, and trade cats. Following that the market stabilized before experiencing another significant increase in January 2021.


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